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Thiết kế của web có ảnh hưởng đến SEO? One of the most common met misconceptions that we see when talking about search engine optimization is that all that is needed is a focus that is put on keywords. This is definitely incorrect. Some years ago we saw that the only thing that was actually necessary was performing some on-site work in connection to keywords.

Nowadays, website SEO is much more complicated. We need to realize the fact that there are many different factors that affect a site's search engine rankings. It is highly important that you are patient and that you assess everything in an appropriate way.

When referring to search engine optimization, one factor that is usually neglected is website design. Most website owners only think about how a site looks like. In an attempt to make the site more appealing, search engine optimization work may be negatively affected. Because of this, here are some facts that you have to assess in order to be sure that web design will not negatively affect search engine optimization work.

Parallax Design

Parallax design basically means that the entire site is going to be present on one page. The design style is highly interesting and unique. The problem is that it is not at all SEO effective. Such a design type will automatically reduce keyword impact in ranking. There will be fewer pages that are to be ranked so the work will be more difficult.

HTML 5 Design

The increase in HTML 5 design popularity is quite obvious since we are faced with the possibility of adding images and videos to the site in a highly functional and interesting way. Such a site will load really fast and the truth is that search engines love that. If you want to be sure that you do all that is needed to rank site higher, this is the design style that you seriously want to consider.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a necessity for absolutely every single site that wants to rank high in search engines. It basically means that no matter what device is used to view the site, appearance will be perfect. That is because the appearance of the site will adapt itself to the resolution of the device's screen.

Design Factors Connected To SEO

It is really important that you make sure that your website design is suitable to the needs that you have at the moment. Search engine optimization is much more than just focusing on keywords, backlinks and other elements. The truth is that many site owners end up with sub-par results because they focus too much on appearance. It is necessary to reach some sort of compromise.

We recommend that you always work with professional SEO experts that know everything about the different on-page factors that have an impact on ranking. The best SEO agencies out there include web design services that can be used in order to guarantee the fact that there are no design related errors that would lead towards a negative SEO standing.

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