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Scrolling Text In A Box If you must have scrolling text, this is probably as good a way as any to show it.

Category: Form, Textarea

Customize Dropdown Menu Customize Dropdown Menu is designed to display some choices, as: languages, countries, themes,... but it's differrent from original version in browsers. This tool combine CSS and JavaScript to create a dropdown you can add image to tilte, every choice.

Let's try dropdown below and feel differences. Tested: IE 7, Opera 9, Firefox 2, Netscape 8.

Category: Form, Dropdown

Agree Before Posting Sometimes you may need to make sure your visitors agree to specific terms before submitting their comments. This JavaScript will disable the input fields until they agree to your terms. Easily adaptable.

Category: Form, Validation

Block Key Press Tired of customers using characters that could possibly render your forms useless? This JavaScript prevents a user from entering certain special characters in designated form fields.

Category: Form, Validation

Check/Uncheck Multiple Checkboxes This JavaScript allows for the selection of multiple checkboxes in a form. It create the buttons dynamically with unobtrusive JavaScript.

Category: Form, Checkbox

Auto Drop Down Automatically adjusts the values in the selection box depending on the item selected in the dropdown menu. Awesome!

Category: Form, Dropdown

Expand-Collapse Paragraph Need to display a lot of information in a limited area? This JavaScript will display/hide the information at the click of a button. There is no limit to the amount of information you can add or sections you can use. Excellent for F.A.Qs.

Category: Form

Accessible Compact Forms Tight on space? Use this JavaScript to create a compact form that is accessible and works even when JavaScript and CSS are turned off.

Category: Form, Textarea

Typing Text Area Page Scroller This JavaScript was created to provide another alternative to those erratic and hard to read sideways scrolling text and status bar displays. This JavaScript uses TEXTAREA to create the effect of text scrolling up the page.

Category: Form, Textarea

Basic Show/Hide Demo This quick little X demo illustrates hiding/showing 'panels' when some trigger element is moused over. Any elements can be used as 'triggers'.The demo trigger elements are in the right column of this page. The panels are shown in the center of the page.

Category: Form, Table

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