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Varying Destination Button Useful if you don't have much space to play with. This script almost works in Netscape 2.x: the button appears and the destination cycles properly, so clicking on the button will take you to the current destination. Unfortunately the destination is not shown on the button: it shows '{lineText}' instead.

Category: Form, Button

Two color form Use thi code to create a two color form then visitors can change this colors.

Category: Form, Table

Only One Field The visitor must fill in either one of two fields, their name or email address. If they click in either box the other box's value is erased. Ensures that when the form is submitted only one field contains a value. Also contains validation that makes sure both fields are not empty.

Category: Form, Validation

X Table Toys The scripts makes cells change color onMouseover.

Category: Form, Table

Testing the search capabilities Visitors can select fast a option by typing first character of that option.

Category: Form, Dropdown

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