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onMouseOver Button When a user moves the mouse over the button, it will change text. When the mouse is moved away, the text will change back. Perfect for adding short instructions on a submit button.

Category: Form, Button

3 Chaining Levels Dropdown List This is one of JavaScripts that make chaining dropdown lists; in this JavaScript example is Country, State, City, select a country in first HTML dropdown for selecting states in the second dropdown, for cities in last dropdown.

You can customize this JavaScript code as you need, such as automobiles: type/make/model or books: publisher/author/title.

Category: Form, Dropdown

Click Radio Button to View Information If you want to save the space on your web pages, let use this JavaScript. When users click any radio button, its corresponding information is automatically displayed. A simple and quick JavaScript but useful and high customization.

Also see: Click Radio Button to View Information with images

Category: Form, Checkbox

Check All Toggle Switch This script adds the 'check all' function to a form. Short and easy to use.

Category: Form, Checkbox

Menu Simplified 2 Add a simple JavaScript menu to your site with this dropdown form. Easy to use and customize.

Category: Form, Dropdown

Auto Tab Automatically sets focus to the next form element when the current form element's maxlength has been reached. This way, the user does not have to manually click in or tab to the next field. This script is perfectly suited for constant-length strings such as a phone number or social security numbers. Nice!

Category: Form

RegExp Validation Use this JavaScript for form validation using regular expressions. None of the information submitted in the form is saved. Very extensive.

Category: Form, Validation

Validation (Number) Validates an input field to make sure that only number is entered. If you enter letter it alert.

Category: Form, Validation

Alternating Message Text Box With the help of this JavaScript you can put up a textbox on your Web page that displays alternating messages for your visitors. It saves space, as a lot of text can be contained in a minimal display area.

Category: Form, Textarea

Numbers Restriction Use this script to prevent users from entering characters which are not numbers.

Category: Form, Validation

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