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Calculator for Sunday Use this JavaScript to figure out when Sunday will be in a given point of time.

Category: Time, Validation

Time Spent on Page This JavaScript displays an alert message when a page is closed, telling the visitor how long (in seconds) they have been on the page. It can also display the time on the page in the title bar.

Category: Time

fcp Calendar A tiny, self-contained JavaScript library which displays a Gregorian calendar. An event is triggered when a user clicks on a date. Fully customizable via CSS. (Uses a European layout, i.e., the week begins on Monday.)

Category: Time, Fade-Glow

Current Date- Time script Another script to display current date and time on your web pages.

Category: Time, Clock

Live Clock using images Uses images to display a clock.

Category: Time, Clock

Analog Clock script (static) DHTML clock scripts sure have come a long way since the straightforward numeric display. Meet this clock app, which shows neatly in the browser's corner the time in standard format.

Category: Time, Clock

World Time Zone script This JavaScript code routine displays your current system time, local city date and time, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and the local date and time for another city of your choice.

Category: Time, Clock

DHTML analog clock III script As if analog clock scripts are not rare enough, this one follows your mouse around. Judge- and use- as you will!

Category: Time, Clock

Date with Time in Textbox This JavaScript displays current date in a textbox and it will display current time when visitors move mouse over it.

Category: Time, Clock

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