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World-Times script This is a World-Times script. You can simultaneously view the time in 5 different cities covering 5 different continents. In all you can find out the time in 91 given cities situated in the 6 major continents. Just choose the city and the time will automatically be displayed in the textbox just below the respective dropdown menu. This JavaScript supports Daylight Saving Time.

Category: Time, Clock

Bar Graph Clock script A clock displayed bargraph style.

Category: Time, Clock

Swiss Luxery Watch II This is the most exclusive Swiss Luxury Probably the most exclusive Swiss Watch ever written in DHTML. The script combines DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and images. Extremly fast loading. Made for IE4x.

Category: Time, Clock

How Long script Find how long in years and days between today and any pastand future date.

Category: Time, Counter

Day of Week script Calculate what day of the week a given date was. It works for leap years and also tells you whether the date is in the past future or today.

Category: Time, Validation

Clock and Greeting Don't just welcome your visitors anymore, JavaScript can write good morning, good evening, or good afternoon based on the time the page was loaded, according to the user's system clock. Neat!

Category: Time, Clock

Clock Dash script Uses JavaScript and DHTML to display an elegant clock dashboard with eight time zones.Looks good in the footer of a web page.Tested in MSIE.

Category: Time, Clock

Bar Clock script Display hours, minutes, and seconds in bars, also gives you hours, minutes, seconds, and complete time with AM, PM status. Great!

Category: Time, Clock

Calender with Notes script Use this JavaScript to make notes on your important days.

Category: Time, Calendar

Get a day Select box to get the day.

Category: Time, Clock

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