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jsDOMenuBar JsDOMenu is a very impressive, 100% DOM based navigational menu. Not one document.write() was used in its implementation. Some features of this script are:

+ Tested and works in many browsers, such as: Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Firefox 0.8 - 0.9, Netscape 7.x, Opera 7.23 - 7.51, Safari 1.x, Camino 0.8, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - 6.
+ Can be configured as a context menu, where the menu pops up when the user right or left clicks the mouse. Furthermore, you can define a 'region', for example, inside a particular DIV, that the menu will show up when the user clicks the mouse, and only within this region. Clicking outside this region won't activate it.
+ Can be configured as a regular menu, fixed at a certain location on the page (absolutely positioned). Menu can also be set to remain visible even if user scrolls the page.
+ Supports menu positioning of 'static', or relatively positioned on the page, inline just like regular content.
+ Menu item can display an icon to the left of it.
+ Supports unlimited sub menus.
+ Switch to an alternate stylesheet to change the theme of the menu bars and menus without reloading the page (works in Mozilla/ NS7+).
+ 100% HTML/ XHTML compliant.

Multi Level Pull Down Menu This JavaScript allows you to associate a dynamic JavaScript menu with regular links on your page. As the mouse moves over the JavaScript link in menu, a JavaScript menu pops up containing "sub links".

Simple Top Navigator Bar A simple sliding JavaScript menu script where you just make simple steps. This JavaScript can now be used as single or multiply topmenus.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Tab View A combination of CSS and JavaScript that allows switching between several pages without loading them from server. The script emulates the behavior of tabbed controls in Windows applications.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Sticky Menu Bar Whether you scroll up or down, this Menu Bar sticks to you like a mosquito in a hot night. Very impressive.

Category: Menu, Floatable

Unobtrusive JavaScript Image Rollovers Create image rollovers for your JavaScript navigation without hardcoding any JavaScript into the HTML code on your Web pages. Easy to implement, even for beginners, and works across all browsers. Degrades nicely for visitors with JavaScript turned off.

Category: Menu

Animated MiniTabs A sleek animation effect using tabs for a slide JavaScript navigation bar. Degrades very nicely when JavaScript is turned-off.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Top Navigational Bar The first and original Top Navigational Bar script, this one displays at the top of your page a horizontal two level menu. It's since been updated to work across all DHTML browsers (IE4+, NS4, NS6+, Opera6), and in IE, can optionally be displayed statically on the page (so menu remains in view when scrolling the page).

3D Spin Menu 3D Spin Menu creates a virtual 'ring' of menu links whereby the user can manually select and rotate into view the desired link to go to. This cool script works in IE and NS6+ while degrading well with older browsers (doesn't show itself). It's fully customizable, from its colors, number of links, to positioning of the menu on the page and more.

Category: Menu

Dynamic Menu The script makes the size of JavaScript menu change continually.

Category: Menu

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