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VB Navigator This JavaScript code is a hierarchical, object oriented navigator, open source menu. It can be easily displayed horizontally or vertically, and on several different levels.

Select Option Navigation Menu You can use this JavaScript code to create a drop-down navigation menu for links to other sites. Everytime visitors click for selecting, their browser will direct visitors to specific addresses in dropdown. A very tiny JavaScript effect but too efficient to the sites contain many things, need to save page-spaces.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Flying By Cyrcle Menu This JavaScript menu consists of links flying by the cyrcle. While moving cursor over JavaScript link description appears in the center.

Category: Menu, Floatable

Jim\'s DHTML Menu v5.7 Jim's DHTML Menu creates an absolutely positioned, cross browser navigational bar for your site. Efficient and small in file size, it sports a number of impressive features:

+ Can be set to display either horizontally (as in demo above), or vertically as a side menu.
+ Highly customizable outer appearance, including an optional cross browser shadow, and in IE4+, transitional effects when menus open/close.
+ Specify link target of each menu item- open link in a new window or a specific frame.
+ Script works in standards compliant mode (ie: doctype=strict).
+ Menu can be set to float, so it remains in the same position relative to an item when the window is resized.
+ Each menu item can have a background image.
+ Menu will now appear over form elements (not in Mac).
+ Impressive compatibility list, including most of the popular browsers currently in use: IE 4+, NS6+, IE 5+, Mozilla 1.3+, Safari, Opera 7.

Switch Navigation Menu Switch Navigation Menu is one of dropdown menus which is a unique navigational vertical menu script with characteristics of a folding tree. This dynamic menu dynamically expands the chosen JavaScript menu item when clicked on while contracting the rest.

This code is DOM based, so it works in IE5/NS6/Opera7+ while degrading well with older browsers such as IE4/NS4. For the later the JavaScript menu will appear fully expanded from the start.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Context menu script II Using the new window.createPopup() method of IE 5.5, this context JavaScript menu script differs from the original in that the JavaScript menu can actually extend itself outside the browser window if activated too closely to the four edges. As you can see, it also comes with differing feature sets, including IE 5.5 exclusive Page Zooms. Browsers other than the supported one will simply see the default system menu instead.

Neon Menu script This JavaScript will make the neon message to describe for JavaScript menu when visitors move mouse over it. Work IE5+ only.

Category: Menu

Dynamic Press Menu Dynamic Press Menu - A CROSS-BROWSER Dynamic HTML (DHTML) Nav Menu - A Button Always stays in the Upper Left Hand Corner (when JavaScript menu is not visible), Click it and a Menu Appears. A Nice Script to add to your site.

Category: Menu, Floatable

Submenu This is a simple submenu script.

Show menu onClick This script detects the mouse position and waits for a click on the links (Either the buttons or the images). Then it will show up a layer/div called 'Menu' near the cursorand write the appropriate list of menu on that 'Menu'.

Category: Menu

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