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Blinking Textbox Effect When executed, this JavaScript will place the cursor in a specified textbox, causing its background to blink for 6 seconds. This will highlight the textbox on the Web page in order to draw attention to it.

Category: Form

Tower of Hanoi The Tower of Hanoi is a classic puzzle game where you try to move disks from the left-most pole to the right using the least amount of moves. This DHTML script features full drag-and-drop interface, and 'auto solve' ability.

Category: Game, Puzzle

Buzzy - The Reflex Tester The objective of this game is to click on as many Green Boxes as possible. The time limit is 60 seconds. Let's check your reflexes, how many you can hit. Enjoy and Best of luck.

Category: Game, Skill

Whack the Gopher Smack the gophers on the head as they come out of their holes. Speed and level will increase on every 5th gopher. Game ends when you miss 20 gophers. Use the mouse cursor, not the hammer, to target the gophers(the hammer is just for show). Press any keyboard key to pause the game. Press 'Ok' to start the game.

Category: Game

Butterfly This scipt can make a image which can fake move everywhere on web page.

Category: Image

Floating Slide Show Script This JavaScript combines the floating and swapping effects together.

Category: Image, Slideshow

Matrix Background Animation The effect will create a matrix effect by using images.

Pictures in Layers This JavaScript will display picture in a layer when visitors click images and this layer will disappear when it is clicked.

Category: Image

Multilevel Drop Down Menu This JavaScript code creates the selecting menus which display own items.

Text Follow Cursor This is a simple JavaScript to create text follow cursor effect.

Category: Pointer, Trailer

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