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DHTML balloon-script Another script to create the image move around cursor. In example is a balloon.

Category: Pointer

VML fireworks script This is an interesting fireworks effect with the following attributes:

+ Makes use of VML support in IE5+ to render the stars. No graphics involved.
+ Uses conditional comments of IE5+ for backwards compatibility with other browsers.
+ Colors of fireworks fully customizable.

There are a couple of disadvantages, however. The script may not run smoothly on slow-end computers, and disabling of the horizontal scrollbar on the page is required (done by script automatically).

Category: Multimedia, Events

Encrypt Alphabet Characters This is a simple message encoding script. You can encode your message and send it to a friend. He can then decode it using this JavaScript. You can also use the script to encrypt your text files. Numbers and special characters are not allowed.

Category: Security, Encryption

Change title by user The effect allow users change title of the page which are being reviewed.

Category: Status, Title

Status Typing Text Ads This script is upgraded from my Title Message Silder script. It still uses array data and charAt() method to display a message in status bar.

Basically, it's very simple and easy to use, you need only change speed and add your own messages to the script activate. Additionally, you can add many messages as you want through array.

Category: Status, Status

Random Text Resizer script Random Text Resizer is a DHTML effect that randomly resizes a phrase multiple times, then quickly resizes each letter back to normal. Great for a Header or Banner on your Site!

Category: Text, Animation

Screen Dissolving Virus effect Your visitors knees will turn to jelly if they see your webpage dissolving itself. No panic! It's just a harmless, silly joke written by the fools from Peter Gehrig.

Category: Funny

Basic Calendar script If you need a simple, elegant calendar to display the current days of the month, Basic Calendar is an excellent script for the purpose. Uses CSS to allow easy changing to its appearance, everything from calendar dimensions, colors, down to the font used to highlight the current day.

Category: Time, Calendar

World clock with unique display World clock script with unusual design. Cross-browser (IE4 contains additional visual effects). World clock shows the localtime of world-capitals onMouseover. Combines the latest DHTML-positioning and filter-techniques.

Category: Time, Clock

n-DaysAfter script Use this JavaScript to search for holidays.

Category: Time, Counter

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