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Dot Menu A very interesting 'dot' menu. It's really worth to see.

Category: Menu, Navigation

Get Number In Words Enter a number and this JavaScript will write it out in plain English.

Category: Multimedia

Rich Text editor Replace a form's textarea field(s) with a custom one that supports WYSIWYG formatting with this Rich Text Editor script. It allows the user to easily format the entered content, such as make it bold, change its size, colors etc.

Category: Utility, Generator

Document KeyPress script This script allows you to type directly on the document without the use of text boxes. I'm not sure how useful this is, but it's kinda neat.

Category: Utility

Vertical Marquee Text scrolls from bottom to top, pauses, then scrolls up and out of view. A JavaScript link can be added, opening in a new window. Configuration is simple.

JavaScript Player An audio player powered by QuickTime and Windows Media Player. Play short media files, e.g. MP3, in a Web browser with simple controls.

Category: Multimedia, Sound

Multi Value Drop Down List Using a drop-down menu, this script will provide different values, depending on the user's selection. Easily added to any form.

Category: Form, Dropdown

Inches and Centimeters Change inches to centimeters and back using this short, sweet script. Very easy to use, just type in the number and click.

Validation Let JavaScript help you receive feedback from your visitors. The script also requires that all fields must be completed before the form is submitted. Great!

Category: Form, Validation

Marqueeing Text in Button By using string manipulation and setTimeout, you can have the letters on a button 'scroll'. Run the code for an easy example.

Category: Form, Button

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