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Current Date & Time (Long) This is the somewhat longer way to put the current date & time on your page. It writes in a longer date and time format than the previous date & time script. The script is also longer....

Category: Time, Clock

Change Style Let your visitors change the style sheet on your Web site. This JavaScript will let your visitors choose between five style sheets, which you can create yourself or use the ones included.

Category: Utility

Milonic DHTML Color Picker Another script to create a color picker.

Category: Utility, Generator

Undo-Redo script Give your users the option of changing their entries in your textareas. Add this JavaScript to your forms or use it in a WYSIWYG editor.

Category: Utility

Sortable Table with Alternating Row Colors This JavaScript will sort tables with ease, creating alternating row colors, as well. Easy to implement.

Category: Form, Table

onMouseOver Button When a user moves the mouse over the button, it will change text. When the mouse is moved away, the text will change back. Perfect for adding short instructions on a submit button.

Category: Form, Button

LiveEdit Preview your code live, as you enter it. Supports most HTML/CSS tags. Excellent for previewing Web site designs.

Category: Utility, Generator

Roman Numeral Converter 2 This JavaScript will convert whole numbers to Roman numerals, up to 3,999,999. Easy to use.

Category: Utility, Converter

Hate IE Notification If your visitor is using Internet Explorer as their browser, this script will politely suggest Firefox as an alternative browser, maybe your users will remove IE like you; it is not windows notification, browser alert only. Just add it to the head of your page. Very simple!

Category: Snippet

Multilevel Dynamic Menu A JavaScript code to build the multi level menu on your web pages, each item has a icon for itself; this script works on all poppular browsers, but more beautiful in Internet Explorer because it uses filters in engine of this browser for performing fade effects.

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