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Contractible Headers Script A script that makes selected headers in a page contractible. Contents such as text, graphics, tables etc can be hidden inside the header that will be revealed only when the header is clicked on. All other browsers, including NS 4.x, will simply see the headers uncontracted (degrades well).

Category: Link

Textlink-Shaker onMouseOver Just move your cursor over any textlink and the textlink starts shaking. Great, if you want to add a special effect that certainly draws more attention than simple style CSS-rollovers.

Category: Link

Image and Description tooltip for links Move your mouse over a JavaScript link to see the image of your choice plus corresponding description on the pop up, by using this image HTML tooltip script. Each tooltip can have a different background color, just for aesthetics or in case the pictures are transparent GIFs.

This code detects for window edges and keeps the tooltip description position inside. The tooltip moving with the mousemove is an option that can be turned off by setting the tipFollowMouse to false.

Category: Link, Tooltip

Textual tooltip II Welcome to version two of the original textual tooltip script, which fades into view descriptive text when the mouse moves over their corresponding links. Effect visible in NS4+ (including NS 6) and IE 4+.

Category: Link, Tooltip

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