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Make link open in new tab/window Use this simple JavaScript to make all links on your web pages open in new tab/window. Script is easy to setup, you should save them into a file to for using on many pages.

Category: Link

Tooltip onMoveover When visitors move mouse over the link, this JavaScript code will display the description for every link.

Category: Link, Tooltip

Description Layer Offer your visitors a quick description or more information about a JavaScript link before they visit it. When they put their cursor over a JavaScript link a layer will appear describing the link. Your visitors will appreciate the extra effort, and it looks great too.

Category: Link, Tooltip

Highlighting Link 2 Make your rollovers more noticeable! This JavaScript colors your clickable links on rollover.

Category: Link

Tooltip You Can Hover Over Some ways to display texttual tooltips for links on your web pages.

Category: Link, Tooltip

Fading Link onMouseover This JavaScript makes JavaScript link change color when user move mouse over it. In addition, you just need put this JavaScript code into your web page, the effect automatically checks objects which are JavaScript link before affected. Very nice.

Category: Link, Rainbow

Content Display Display a block of text, a graphic, or combination of both, by clicking on a JavaScript link or a graphic. This JavaScript can be used in different circumstances, such as for informational purposes, or displaying pictures with captions. Very easy to use.

Category: Link, Tooltip
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