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More 10 jQuery and JavaScript Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Code Keep going on Efficient and Helpful JavaScript/jQuery Tips and Tricks, this free HTML JavaScript tutorial provides more 10 JavaScript tips and tricks that help you become better in JavaScript tasks. In this HTML JavaScript tutorial, you're able to train: Test and improve your jQuery selector skills, Use Callback functions to synchronize your web effects, Use Firefox JavaScript events to control DOM Elements and Custom Objects, Make code simpler using group queries, ...

Please go to the detailed post for full instructions and JavaScript example codes, then try more JavaScript tips and tricks on jsB@nk:
- Selecting JavaScript HTML Elements Faster with jQuery
- Organizing your JavaScript code Better

dygraphs: Open Source JavaScript Graph Visualization Library dygraphs is an open source JavaScript library that produces produces interactive, zoomable charts of time series. It is designed to display dense data sets and enable users to explore and interpret them.

Check out the JavaScript data visualization examples and document at its homepage, along with sample code to get you started. Looks dead simple to use. dygraphs sends no data to any servers; it is client-side JavaScript, processed entirely in the client's browser.

And check out many JavaScript Graph Visualization examples as you wantat 13 Useful Javascript libraries for visualizations.

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Loading External CSS & JavaScript Files Faster With PHP mod_rewrite At present, the world of Internet changed, became more and more popular to surfing. The web pages become more beautiful, worth and obviously they also become bigger to load. But web surfers do not like waiting for your page, this is the big problem to all web developers. Use a web development tip in this free HTML JavaScript tutorial, maybe you shorten the time for loading your web pages, by setting caches your external CSS and JavaScript files along with compressing them.

Please go to the detailed post for full instructions and notes, then check more web development tip on

- Best Ways to Preload Image JavaScript with CSS, AJAX
- Efficient and Helpful JavaScript/jQuery Tips and Tricks
- Some Basic Tips and Tricks for Speeding Up JavaScript
- Some Basic JavaScript Guidelines for Accessibility
- Testing the time to load JavaScript and DOM with jQuery

How to Create a Web CSS Content Switcher Without JavaScript In this post, the author guides you how to create a Web CSS content switcher without JavaScript, a CSS code can toggle your web content, go can see this miracle at Web CSS Content Switcher Without JavaScript. Please go to the detailed post for full instructions and guides.

Web CSS Content Switcher Without JavaScript Without JavaScript, we can still switch web content with CSS. It's so incredible but it's so true, just click into this free HTML example code, for testing it by yourself, to find how to make CSS content switch on your own web page. This switch content script is really super easy and use.

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Collection of Amazing Sorting Table JavaScript using Prototype With the support of the powerful JavaScript framework - Prototype; JavaScript developers/coders created many sorting table JavaScript example codes, using sorting data table is not an easy task if you want to handle it by plain JavaScript codes. By applying these sorting table JavaScript plug-ins, you're able to spend less than time and energy for sorting tables, I'll list some name for your short review: Table Orderer, Table Sort, Tablekit, Table Sorting With Prototype, Lighweight Table Sorting, MyTableGrid, Sortable for Prototype.

You may read Algorithms by JavaScript for sorting algorithms if you want to create one or sorting in JavaScript by yourself; or check some plained JavaScript example codes for sorting data table:

- JavaScript Sort Data Table
- JavaScript Sortable Table with Alternating Row Colors
- 33 Amazing JavaScript Solutions to Sort Data Tables

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Popular Built-in JavaScript Functions In this free HTMl JavaScript tutorial, I'll list all of the built-in JavaScript functions available to you. While not everything will be covered, I will cover functions in JavaScript that are used on a regular basis. I'm still deciding whether I'll cover JavaScript Graphics or AJAX next. Leave comments below to help me understand. On to the JavaScript functions: JavaScript Array Functions, JavaScript Array Properties and Functions, JavaScript Date Functions, JavaScript Math Functions, JavaScript String Functions, JavaScript Document Functions, JavaScript Event Handlers and JavaScript Node Functions.

Why don't you read more JavaScript funtions below for better understand:

- Functions of JavaScript

Passing Result from PHP to JavaScript with AJAX & jQuery This free HTML JavaScript tutorial guides you how to use AJAX and the JavaScript framework jQuery to pass the return data from PHP to JavaScript. Please go to the full post page for detailed PHP and JavaScript instructions and JavaScript example codes.

Read more HTML JavaScript tutorials about PHP in JavaScript on jsB@nk:
- PHP print_r function in JavaScript

Testing your JavaScript knowledge with Baranovskiy\'s JavaScript quiz You think how much do you know the JavaScript programming language? Enough to be good at almost JavaScript tasks that your job requires? Let check it by yourself thorugh 5 JavaScript example codes, JavaScript quiz questions from the JavaScript quiz test in this JavaScript online quiz.

This JavaScript quiz tutorial contains full and detailed answers, so you will see your results immediately.

Let check more JavaScript quiz tutorials on jsB@nk for better knowledge:
- Object JavaScript Test Quiz
- JavaScript Test Quiz Maker

Great Tools for Testing and Validating JavaScript code This free JavaScript article shows you a list of 6 JavaScript tools, applications for JavaScript validation:

- J3Unit: an object-oriented unit testing framework for JavaScript. It runs JavaScript tests in the web browser.
- JsUnit: another JavaScript unit testing framework in the browser. It includes a platform for automating execution of tests on multiple web browsers.
- YUI 2: a testing JavaScript framework for browser-based JavaScript solutions.
- Crosscheck, JSLitmus & Regular Expression Tool

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