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Bookmark Page Allow your visitors to click one text link to quickly and easily add your site to their 'Favorites.' Don't let your visitors lose you because they forget to bookmark your site.

Category: Browser, Window

Flashy DHTML Scroller Flashy DHTML Scroller, IE 5+ and Opera 7+ Only. A Very Catchy Scroller that enarges itself, font-size, fades background and foreground color and of course loops through phrases.

Category: Browser, Page effect

Splash Intro Pages Yes, you may have seen splash screen effects before, but never one constructed using a single page only...until now, that is. One great feature of DHTML is its ability to render new text on a page without having to reload or go to a whole new page altogether.

With that in mind, this DHTML script allows you to set up a splash screen effect through only one page, regardless of the number of messages you wish to have 'splashed'. The messages are automatically c entered on the page by the script. Once the effect is completed, the script then navigates to the URL of your choice.

Definitely a useful- and now equally convenient to setup- creation! Note that when browsers other than IE 4+/ NS 4+ view the splash page, they will be directly taken to the destination URL (downgrades gracefully).

Category: Browser, Page effect

Wipes effects with objects This is a DHTML intro effect that 'wipes' desired objects onto the screen. Use it to provide an interesting introduction to anywhere within your site.

Category: Browser, Page effect

Pass Textbox Copies the text in a box in the left frame into a box in the right frame when the button is clicked. A clever way to pass values in frames.

Category: Browser, Frame

Content Center Build fluid Web pages that adjust according to the size of your visitor's monitor settings. This script uses the screen.availWidth and screen.availHeight properties to detect your visitor's screen resolution.

Category: Browser, Page effect

Sizable Popup Links This JavaScript will call popups from a link. Each popup is sized individually. Can be used more than once on a page.

Category: Browser, Popup

Document Wipes effect This is a DHTML intro effect that 'wipes' desired messages onto the screen before redirecting to another page. Use it to provide an interesting introduction to anywhere within your site. Similar in function to the Dynamic Splash Screen script.

Category: Browser, Page effect

onMouseover scrollbar effect Think you've seen them all when it comes to 'rollover' effects? Behold as this script applies the effect to the webpage's scrollbar.

Category: Browser, Scrollbars

Automatic Page Refresher with or without Countdown Display This JavaScript automatically refreshes (reloads) your webpage every few seconds and displays the countdown-time inside the status bar. Easy configuration of the refresh interval. The coundown-display can be turned on or turned off. Copy-and-paste installation.

Category: Browser, Window
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