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Flying pop-up-window This JavaScript creates a pop-up-window on the left side of your screen. The pop-up-window flaots to the center of the screen, waits a few seconds, and finally floats to the right and disappears. Great for banners and important messages!

Category: Browser, Window

DHTML Ad Box Matt's DHTML ad script displays an 'inexcusable' box in the middle of the page, broadcasting ads of your choice inside. The box automatically disappears after x seconds, with its display frequency configurable (ie: show ad box only 1 of out 5 times the page is loaded). This is one method of serving ads that may just be effective, since it contains qualities of a TV/radio commercial.

Category: Browser, Page effect

Sets or retrieves the reading order of the object This JavaScript will change scrollbar from right to left when vistors click button.

Category: Browser, Page effect

Mock PPT with DHTML Mock PPT with DHTML displays you web page like a PowerPiont Presentation by repositioning h1 and span tags. Stunning effect. also resizes and repositions to maximum screen size for effect. CROSS-BROWSER (IE 5+, Netscape 7+, Mozilla 1+, Opera 7+).

Category: Browser, Page effect

Vertical Framed Scroller There is a bug in Netscape 4.x which causes the page to scroll unpredicatably using the window.scrollTo() method when there are both horizontal and vertical scrollbar present. Therefore, this JavaScript is designed not to function nor will the arrows even appear in Netscape 4.x browsers (but does function correctly in Netscape 6.x browsers).

Category: Browser, Frame

User Details script This JavaScript will display information of client computer.

Category: Browser

Browser Information script This JavaScript will display the details of your current browser. The name of the browser, the platform name, the browser version, and if it is Java enabled.

Category: Browser

Sizable Popup Links This JavaScript will call popups from a link. Each popup is sized individually. Can be used more than once on a page.

Category: Browser, Popup

Absolute Popup Box This popup box is not an actual window. It pops right up on the page, partially hiding the page content. No need to worry about popup blockers. Good for bios, site maps, and other short items.

Category: Browser

Go To URL Box A mini-browser. You can type a URL in the form and script will load the requested page. The script works in both Netscape 4.0+ and IE 4.0+, but best in IE.

Category: Browser, Window
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