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Single Responsive Photo Gallery plus Slideshow Currently, there are many JavaScript photo slideshow scripts, jQuery picture showcase plugins to make your own web galleries, I checked many scripts on the lists presented:
- 65 Free JavaScript Photo Gallery Solutions
- More 30 Excellent JavaScript/AJAX based Photo Galleries to Boost your Sites
- 16 Free Picture Slideshow Gallery scripts

But none of them satisfy my needs, I want to make the gallery to show many pictures of my son that's simple to load but can work on many screen sizes of PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. So this is the reason I created this JavaScript plugin.

And now I'm happy to share this JavaScript project to everyone that may need. Basically, this JavaScript is very easy to install, use and customize. Just download the package, then fill your photo data and run.

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Hope you'll find this plugin is helpful!

View Demo or Download package (+minified)

Single Responsive Photo Gallery plus Slideshow


  • Easy to setup and use, customise or develop.
  • Create a photo gallery plus slideshow with a set of data.
  • Sizes of photos and gallery resized on many screen (browser) sizes automatically.
  • Play / Pause the slideshow easily with the navigating buttons.
  • Very easy to navigate to some photo in the long list if you need.
  • Pictures are displayed with the titles and album names, URLs.
  • Auto play slideshow, auto scroll navigation.


  • jQuery 1.4 or above
  • Works on IE6+, Firefox 3+, Opera 8+, Google Chrome and many other modern browsers.


  • You are FREE to use this plugin in any personal, commercial project without my permission.
  • But please help me by leaving the Copyright sign, it just occupies about 10 pixels, it's too small to harass your visitors.
  • Otherwise please help me with a milk coffee to remove this sign


  • Leave your ideas, suggestions and questions in the comments, I'll try to reply soon.

Key notes

About the picture folders below:

srpgs_path_pics = 'pics/';		// path to large photos
srpgs_path_thumb = 'pics/thumbnails/';

If you have a long list of pictures, up to 100+ photos, you should resize them and place into the thumbnail folder, and point srpgs_path_thumb to this folder, otherwise you may use the large pictures as thumbnails.

I recommend this issue because I had a bad experiment, if you showed the big photos as thumbnails, your browsers would consume about 1Mb of RAM for each photo. Hence, use the own thumbnails is the best solution for the best performance if you have a big list.


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