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Timer A very simple timer that will tell how much time is spent on one page.

Category: Calculation

Straight Lotto The code makes 5 random numbers.

Category: Calculation

Graphing Function Enter the X-Y coordinates for a function and this JavaScript will give you the graphing formulas, including Formula, Slope, Y-intercept, Parallel and Perpendicular lines. Easy.

Category: Calculation, Math

Kramer\'s rule This is known as Kramer's Rule.

Category: Calculation, Math

Word Count This JavaScript will count words.

Category: Calculation

Converting Inches A inch to others- converter.

The Byte Converter This is a byte converter.

Advanced Calculator This is a different script to create a calculator code with memorial function.

EZ Calculator This calculator code has basic functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide).

Acceleration Equivalents JavaScript can help you find acceleration equivalents.

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