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3 Ways Use and Knowledge of JavaScript Will Help You With Your Blog If you're a blogger, you're used to using your words to paint pictures and create scenarios that a reader can imagine in their minds. It's easy for you to craft paragraphs, and you might even have a little under your belt in the marketing and SEO department.

As a blogger, the content of your blog is obviously important, and the way that you craft sentences and your subject matter is going to play a part in drawing readers, but if you don't incorporate other tools into your blog, you're going to fall short on your potential.

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These are all important aspects of creating a money making blog, but if you're using a site that already has the format set up, you're buying into a cookie cutter world, and your chances of taking the world by storm are less likely because you're not creating something that is unique.

Javascript is one of the most popular computer programming languages and if you have no knowledge of what it is or how it works, you need to spend some time getting down the basics.

Here are 3 ways that Javascript will help you with your blog:

1. You'll Be Able to Create Your Own Interesting Site

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You can easily create a blog on one of the big blogging websites that are out there. However, as mentioned before, you're paying money for a service that might make things easier for you, but you're also being offered the same layout and format options as everybody else in the world. If you want to stand out and be successful, you have to be different.

If you learn about Javascript, you'll be able to create and customize your own blog so that it looks exactly how you want it to look; and when people enter your blog, they'll be intrigued by it because it's different and draws and keeps their attention.

2. Other Bloggers Will Seek You Out For Help and You Can Monetize That

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Anybody fluent in more than one language is going to find more success in life. When you learn another language, you're upping the demand for yourself in the market. Learn Javascript and use it on your blog in a way that impresses people. If they're bloggers or website builders, they're going to come to you for help developing their own sites. This gives you a leg up because you can monetize this, but you're also the one creating the demand in the world for sites that look like yours.

3. You Give Yourself Credibility in the Marketplace

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If you're a blogger, learning Javascript and other programming languages basically comes with the territory. If you neglect to learn the language, people will not see you as credible in the field. It's like a singer calling themselves a musician but never taking lessons or learning to read music. You can get the job done, but learning the theory is critical to having success in the field.


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