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How Can Technology Help You Sleep Better And Peacefully Right amount of sleep is essential for healthy lifestyle. The scientists have found out that technology can help you sleep better and wake up energetic and refreshed. Many say that you could ban the electronic items from the bedroom for a better night sleep. Those who find this a little difficult to do then there is a better alternative.

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How does the light impact the sleeping patterns?

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The screens of electronic emit a specific light. The wavelength of this light inhibits the formation of melatonin. This makes it much difficult to sleep. To avoid this problem, you could use a blue light filter. The light will turn off at the sunrise and turn on with the sunset. Those who have followed this have noticed that they fell asleep 20% faster.

The color changing bulbs are available in the market. The warmer tones can mimic the natural world much better than the bright ones. You can try the tones of red that will mimic sunset and sunrise. This will help you to sleep better. The dim lights will reduce the dazzling effect of the standard bulbs.

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The experts say that if you are exposed to a specific kind of light about 1- 2 hours before going to bed, it will reduce the melatonin rhythm. This will produce a special kind of jet lag. This means that even if you are tired and wish to sleep, you might still be a little wired to fall asleep.

An alarm clock is important, while you are in bed. Purchase one with some amazing features like a speaker, sensors, color changing light and mattress sleep monitor. If not all, you will be able to purchase a one that will have almost all of them. The advanced alarm clocks have a red nightlight mode.

Poor sleep is not something to be taken lightly. This is an important issue faced by millions of people throughout the country. Lack of sleep could lead to range of issues like:

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic health conditions among individuals
  • Poor quality of life
  • Obesity

There could be ample of reasons why you are not able to fall asleep. Most of them blame the technology for the same. If you ask a smartphone user, they will probably say they do not sleep without check social media. Many of us use laptops and tablets before going to sleep. Due to this, body is notable to maximize the sleep.

A bad mattress can also be the reason of not getting good night sleep. Visit the Mattress Inquirer to know more about it.

Are these applications really effective?

In order to improve the sleeping patterns, many new and better apps have been developed. They guarantee you to rate, monitor, track, and improve the sleeping patterns. However the big question is whether these apps actually help you to sleep better. Well, it depends from apps to apps and users to users.

When it comes to monitoring the sleeping patterns, nothing is obvious. Things that might be helping you might not help other individuals. You could try different types of apps before reaching to a conclusion. You will need to shortlist 5- 6 applications by reading their reviews, testimonials and so on. Then, you can try every application individually and check which one suits you best.

If you still cannot figure out the reason you are facing difficulty to sleep, visit your doctor. The family doctor is aware of your medical history and would guide you better. They might advise you to get a couple of tests done before reaching to a conclusion. In this way, you will be able to identify more serious medical conditions. They will later provide ways to deal with sleeping issues.


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