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Testing the search capabilities Visitors can select fast a option by typing first character of that option.

Category: Form, Dropdown

Kidnap There's a kidnapper amongst these innocent looking people, inspector!

Category: Game, Puzzle

Hangman: Countries & Cities It's the old fashion Hangman game, but this time with a new look and additional features. You can choose to play from two categories: Capitals or Countries. Upon successfully guessing the word, detailed information (including the country's location, capital, neighbors, language, population and more) are revealed. Enjoy playing and enrich your knowledge.

Category: Game, Puzzle

The Brutal Page-Cutter-Script Do you have a very, very boring HTML-page somewhere hidden inside your website? Lucky you! In that case this JavaScript is a great opportunity to shock your visitors. How? You will see! Very easy to configure. Made for IE4.x

Category: Text

Functions in Javascript – part I This JavaScript article shows some simple concepts about the function in the JavaScript programming language.

Migrate to Angular: why and how you should do it Hello, dear readership! Hello, everyone! How does it? Do you have a few minutes? I would like to speak with you about “Migrate to Angular: why and how you should do it.” For you to find the answer, I propose to read my article. As you can see, Angular has now been with us for almost a decade. It is often said that this platform is one of the most well-appreciated for developers that are trying to create single-page applications, and the different iterations of this platform have only increased its usefulness. I reckon this topic will be notable and helpful.

Category: Tutorials

PHP print_r function in JavaScript If you are ever familiar with the web programming language PHP, you also know the purpose of the PHP print_r function - used to print out the content of an array - an useful function totally. Today, jsB@nk present to you this function in the JavaScript programming language, print_r in JavaScript.

Category: Utility

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