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Dynamic DHTML SubMenus onMouseover This JavaScript will display the DHTML submenus when visitors move mouse over the parent dynamic menus.

Image Rotation with new transition and dissolving effect This image rotation system creates a dissolving effect for the transition phase. Great for banners, picture-presentations and more. Add as many images as you like. Each image can be linked to a different URL. The full dissolving effect can be view with IE4, IE5 or higher. Netscape-users will see a simple image-rotation-effect instead of it.

Category: Image, Rotation

Faking Infected Virus Computer Use this JavaScript code to make a virus on your page content web in order to give your visitors a little scare. Some of the more gullable visitors will even close be convinced that their computer has been completely contaminated.

Category: Funny

Horizontal Glide-Scroll OnClick This JavaScript slideshow lets the user manually move back and forth between images, by clicking on the provided buttons.

Category: Image, Image viewer

Simple Picture Gallery Display a gallery of images with titles and descriptions for each image. Easy to set up and completely customizable.

Category: Image, Image viewer

3D self-revolving cube This is a spinning three dimensional cube. Eight dots revolve by itself to create a motional cube.

Category: 3D

Ghostpage: your text will be haunted Something rather weird happens on your webpage: after loading the texts start changing its colors in a creepy way continously! Is this witchery? Is this the frightening cyberghost haunting your screen? Or is it just a little bit DHTML-magic? You decide (and then call the ghostbusters, please).

Category: Funny

Basic Calculator This is a very simple calculator, all done with javascript. Just click the numbers and the operators and use the '=' button to calculate! This is a neat example of the LIMITLESS powers of JavaScript.

War\'s web form This Web form utilizes the sender's e-mail. This form has a validation for information added; if all is entered correctly, the sender will be directed to a 'thank you' page.

Category: Email

DHTML Fading Animation Image Enhancing image presentation on your website with this image rotator plus smooth dynamic motion (fade-in-fade-out). A very great animation effect if you bring to visitor pictures become more living! Page content loads much faster than any gif animation effect. Easy to setup and customize.

Category: Image, Rotation
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