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Essential Guidelines of Helpful JavaScript Shorthand codes Organize the source codes of JavaScript applications and web applications with minifying JS solution (shorthand) is one of most important methods to optimize the web performance. This JavaScript article tutorial guides you some basic JavaScript tips and tricks to shorten your JavaScript source with shorthand codes. Some objects discussed during this JavaScript tutorial: JavaScript variable increment/decrement/multiply/divide, ternary operator (conditional), associative array notation, default assignments.

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Christmas Social Media icons: Bests of Christmas is coming, if you're looking for doing something new on your website on Christmas this year; you will be glad to know that there are a lot of options to choose from for social media icons for Christmas. This is the best way to bring new tastes to your readers.

Today in this post, I just would like to show you a list of social icon sets for Christmas because now it's time for social/bookmark sites, for sharing everything on our profiles. It seems that we hear/read about them every day, so now it shall be not too much if you read one more time about social network sites.

I write this post for and SpeckyBoy, please go to Bests of Social Media icons for Christmas 2010 for the full detailed list.

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JavaScript Filename Array Maker During coding JavaScript applications, we usually have to work with many JavaScript arrays; and sometimes declare/initiate them is the time-consuming tasks.

For this reason, I would like to present you this JavaScript code example. We can use this script to generate many arrays as you need with a lot of options: JavaScript array length, JavaScript string array, names, style to display, etct; that will help speed up your jobs. Easy to use and implement!

Category: Utility, Generator

JavaScript in HTML5 vs ActionScript 3 in Flash in Drawing Match - Who Win? Perhaps I did not to talk more, everyone knew HTML5 and Flash - these two web technologies are developed and improved to attract more attentions from web developers.

Today in this canvas tutorial JavaScript post, I'm pleasure to present you a match of HTML5 and Flash in simple JavaScript drawing round: creating a warning icon by code lines. The arms of both two races: HTML5 using canvas element with support from JavaScript, Flash with Action Script 3.

Although the author did not show which technology won, but personally according to final images, jsB@nk think it's HTML5 because the color of picture made by HTML5 is more real than Flash; however, this is just a very simple HTML5 canvas test and these web technologies are still improved. Please go to the full post page for detailed results.

Category: Tutorials

JavaScript Add-Remove HTML Elements with DOM This JavaScript code example will dynamically add/remove HTML elements with content included within them according to the DOM2 specification. A very easy JavaScript code to learn and use DOM.

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Category: Snippet

JavaScript Content Auto-Indexing using DOM On the web pages with a lot of text content such as technical documents, novels, text stories, reportages, etc; usually we have to create the bookrmarks (anchor links) manuallly. Now these time-consuming jobs like that will be not available if the web pages use this JavaScript code example; this JavaScript code makes it easy for people to jump to the section they want to read by making a table of contents using the h1 to h6 tags automatically. Now it's time to create content only for content publishers!

Category: Menu, Navigation

Performances of JavaScript Compressors JavaScript compression is one of most important missions to optimize the performance of web page. Besides minifying the size of JavaScript source code/files (minify JS/compress JavaScript files) to decrease the time for loading, some JavaScript compressors also make many optimizations (compress) for your JavaScript source code.

Today in this post, jsB@nk would like to show you comparison results of some popular JavaScript compressors: Packer 3.1, YUI Compressor, Google Closure, Dojo Shrinksafe and JSMin. This comparison just made with two test units: compression ratio and processing time. Please go to the full post page for detailed comparison results.

Category: Tutorials

JavaScript Proper Social Security Number Validation One more JavaScript code example to accept numeric characters. But this JavaScript will work in the different manner, it only allows a set number of characters to be entered into a text field and then focus on the next element, the users can still enter other characters but the form will be disabled until they entered right. Easy to implement and edit as you want.

Category: Form, Validation

How to Create Picture Gallery with Display Switcher Today in this post, jsB@nk shows you step by step guides to create a Picture Gallery with Display Switcher - a very cool JavaScript code to create an amazing picture JavaScript gallery on the web page. Please go to the full post page for details.

Picture Gallery with Display Switcher This is really very cool and amazing picture gallery to promote your personal/business pictures on the web. With two type of displaying, this JavaScript gallery script allow users to switch the layout of gallery into thumbnail preview or listing scene.

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