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Multi-Dimensional Array Searching Use this prototype function to search through a multi-dimensional array. Simple yet efficient! Includes examples.

Category: Snippet

JavaScript Off Redirect Here's a trick that will redirect a browser when JavaScript is turned off. Why not redirect the ones that have JavaScript? Less than 10% of browsers have JavaScript turned off; therefore, redirecting less than 10% of visitors is better than redirecting over 90%.

Category: Snippet

insertAfter() Use this JavaScript snippet to insert a node after another node. Quite handy in laying out Web pages.

Category: Snippet

getStyle Use this JavaScript snippet to get the rendered style of an element. Quick and simple to implement.

Category: Snippet

Get Firefox If your visitors are using one of those "other" browsers, this short script will display a graphic with a link to the Firefox Web site. (The graphic won't display if you're using Firefox to view this page.)

Category: Snippet

A Hidden Message Just type the word "code" and an action will activate! This script activates a JavaScript when you type some code.

Category: Snippet

Disable Text Selection Use this script to disable the selection of text on a page. It's very simple using two of the built-in JavaScript events to cancel the selection before it starts. You can even attach the events to a specific element.

Category: Security

Vertical Slide Show from top down Cross-Browser Dhtml JavaScript Vertical Slide Show concatenates and slides from the top down any number of images. Adjustable: Size, Background, Border and Speed (Live too with mouse over text). Pauses while mouse is over - it also gets to original speed. You may use Hyperlinks with any / all images. Vertical Slider is Multi-OS and Cross-Browser compatible script.

Vertical Marquee Text scrolls from bottom to top, pauses, then scrolls up and out of view. A JavaScript link can be added, opening in a new window. Configuration is simple.

Scroll Window Web sites with heavy content sometimes use anchor links to navigate down the page. The problem with this type of JavaScript navigation is that the user can become confused. The JavaScript navigation suddenly disappeared, and the user can be unsure if they were sent to a new page or if the page just scrolled down. This JavaScript addresses this problem by animating to the anchor link. Active and visited states are also used to let the user know what content has already been read.

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