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12/24 Hour Format Clock Display the local time in the 12 hour or 24 hour format. Selection is made by the visitor using the radio buttons displayed with the clock.

Category: Time, Clock

Epoch DHTML Calendar Epoch is a flexible DHTML calendar that supports several display formats, such as inline on the page, as a DHTML date picker, or an calendar that with the ability to select multiple dates. Best of all, it's released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, so you can use and distribute this calendar for free inside your web pages and applications.

Category: Time, Calendar

Zoom Text Increase the font size of any section of text. Very easy to set-up and use. Eliminates extra style sheets.

Category: Text

Text Excerpts Excerpts (or teaser boxes) from longer texts can help the user when scanning and serve to highlight key points or quotes. This JavaScript automatically generated excerpts using JavaScript, CSS, and the DOM. It degrades gracefully.

Category: Text

Text Changer script This JavaScript will constantly change the text inside of the DIV tag, after every interval that is specified. The intervals are in seconds. Also has the option to stop the changing while the mouse is hovering over the text.

Category: Text, Animation

Minimum Font Size Many users have their default font size set very low in their browsers. If you are using relative font sizes on your Web site, this script will resize those user's fonts to something more appropriate.

Category: Text

Fading Marquee Display news and announcements on your site. The text fades in and out, and can display active links for each item.

Category: Text, Fade-Glow

Blur Text script This JavaScript blurs text by using blur filter.

Category: Text, Fade-Glow

Percentage Progress Bar script Instead of displaying "Open page..." in status bar when opening any web page, you can use this script to display ratio of loaded data. It's more effetive and cool. This script works in Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Mozilla.

Category: Status, Status

Window Print Method Add a button to allow your visitors to print your Web page. Compact and simple, yet highly requested.

Category: Snippet

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