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5 Ways To Improve Your JavaScript Coding Chops It takes practice and patience to do something like learn JavaScript to the point where you're doing practical coding. And sometimes, if you do want to educate yourself on the fine points, you're not entirely sure where to go to find that pathway to improvement. It's a good thing that nowadays most resources aren't more than a few clicks away!

So if you're ready to jump in, from anywhere between the beginning and advanced stages, you can join an online learning community, try building a small website, read a few popular JavaScript manuals, maybe take a college class, or perhaps spend some time reading through coding forums.

Join a Online Learning Service

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When you enroll in technical online learning programs, there are an incredible number of benefits, especially with something like JavaScript. Videos and content are being constantly updated, so you'll always get the most recent information. The courses are typically on demand, which means you can move at your own pace. And, there's typically a community of people available (either as teachers or concurrent learners) that you can discuss points with as well.

Build a Small Website

gomymobi.com - Free Business Site Builder & Platform

Even if you don't plan on publishing it as something more than an experiment, when you choose to build a small website, there are all kinds of ways to incorporate JavaScript into your design. Whether it's by creating forms, calendars, or even a few different kinds of interaction from within the pages, there's no better teacher of coding than actually putting your work into something functional, and experimenting along the way with the different variables you can use.

Read the Manuals & Books

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There are dozens of high-quality books about JavaScript you can read, ranging from the very basic to the extremely advanced. If they seem daunting at first because of the subject matter, make sure that you read a few pages in each type of book to see if it actually seems to be hard to get through. A lot of times, complex things like JavaScript are broken down into bite-sized pieces so that even the beginner can get a good grip on the information, and many books even contain online examples for you to play with.

Take a College Class

And for total immersion, consider taking a JavaScript college class. This can either be as part of a degree program, or even just a one-off so that you can get the benefit of a teacher that's an expert in the field. If you have the time and money to go in depth, this is the way to go.

Read the Forums

And there are countless forums online where JavaScript developers meet virtually to talk about troubleshooting and techniques. Even without interacting, you can pick up all sort of good techniques.


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