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30+ Essential Javascript Framework Supported Navigation Menu Techniques A nice navigation menu, along with user friendly layout will help users get around and access the necessary content faster. The most difficulty is web developers must spend a lot of time to get the navigation works properly on all browsers. Simple solution is the JavaScript framework library, and that is the purpose of this free JavaScript article.

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Drop Line Menus

Professional dropline #5

This Dropline menu uses hover instead of click to open (and keep) open a sub menu. With the top level and the dropline centered within the containing div. Using hovers instead of click will allow the top levels to have links.

Just hover over a top level item to drop down the associated sub line. The top level will stay black to show that it has been selected. Hover the same item to close the sub list or a different top level item to close the current sub level and open a new one. 'Home' and 'Privacy policy' do not have sub levels.

The ability to have a selected top level open on page entry is included, which is demonstrated in this menu where 'Sales' is selected on page entry (demo).

Tested in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera and Safari (PC). Visit where you find more than 30 great menu scripts.

jquery navigation

Other Nice Dropliners.

jQuery - dropline with current selection

A dropline menu with the ability to set the 'current' page and have the menu open with this highlighted. If you hover over any of the other menu options then the current trail is removed and the new trail displayed. Once you move the mouse ff the menu then the current seletion will re-appear.

jquery navigation

This script makes minimal use of jQuery to control the display of the droplines and is styled using CSS.

All browsers except IE6 have an opaque background to the droplines. Tested in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari (PC) and Google Chrome.

A donation for use of this menu is required.

Horizontal dropline/dropdown/flyout menu #4 using jQuery

Dropline Menu with dropsown. It will automatically be close after 2 seconds if the mouse moves off any of the menu items. This 'feature' can be modified to collapse back to keep the dropline.

Tested in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari (PC) and Google Chrome.

A donation for use of this menu is required.

jquery navigation

JavaScript by day

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