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JavaScript itself is a very powerful language for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA) which is supported by it. Using JavaScript, however, is not an easy task, mainly because of complications that arise when trying to provide support for some Web browsers.

Like HTML and CSS, different browsers have a separate implementation of JavaScript. Needed a framework to facilitate the understanding of developing applications using JavaScript.

Besides taking care of the problems cross-browser, JavaScript framework makes it easy to write code that takes, across, and manipulating DOM elements.

The framework provides a set of functions that make it easy to manipulate these objects, so the content itself should be changed, added, or deleted; or CSS style classes that can be manipulated to affect the appearance of elements. in this article I will share information 8 Extremely Useful JavaScript Development Frameworks for you. I hope you enjoy


jai - javascript audio interface

JAI JavaScript or JavaScript Interface Audio interface is the first in the world to the Web - audio . Jai does not use images to link reading, all the graphics provided to canvas Element of runtime. Click on the playlist on site is a list of links using CSS. JAI is intended to provide features jukebox audio browsers, the Ogg Vorbis audio codec. JAI is Open Source. Feel free to download, edit and use this code in your projects.


BaseJS: A Mobile (Safari) Javascript Framework

BaseJS is lightweight (less than 8KB reduced) are not fully compatible with Safari Mobile, returns to the library Sizzle selector for iPhone 1.x (for application support options are available), it is object oriented and easy to deploy.



HTML 5 JavaScript Application Framework. Quickly create applications in native style to any modern Web browser does not plug-ins. You can also see  the demo

jQuery.sheet - Visual Interop Development

jQuery.sheet offers all possibilities for implementing Web, a style sheet calculations in MS Excel style. jQuery.sheet addresses the web-based spreadsheet or "websheet" in a different, simple, approach - using html, you simply load the sheet from a url, and you save it to a url... Simple.  Or write your own approch. jQuery.sheet manages the sheet creation, viewing, and editing processes, you simply build your application around it.


JavaScript Frameworks Playground: jsFiddle

jsFiddle is a file editor, JavaScript code easier to write using a customized environment based on popular frameworks JS.


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