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CSS, JavaScript Compressors: Increase Page Load Speed Being a website owner/administrator, certainly you must pay attention to your web page load speed. In order to obtain high speed web page loads across your website, compressing CSS and JavaScript source codes is one of most important tips.

If you tried the conventional GZip compression tools after you uploaded your CSS and JavaScript source files to your server, why you do not try these online compressing tools in this article that offer you better compression rates before you actually upload your files? This JavaScript article tutorial offers you a list of 7 awesome compression tools to compress your heavy CSS and JavaScript source files in a refined and compressed rate.

I'm also using these compressing feature on jsB@nk by private compression tool, I can compress CS, JavaScript or PHP, Java, .NET, etc in this compression tool. Hope I'll have free time to share it with you.

There are many helpful tips and tricks to get better performance for your website:
- Faster JavaScript Loading Speed Tips, Code and Tools
- Speed Up JavaScript Performance with SharePoint Minifier
- Compressing JavaScript files with Google Closure Compiler
- Automatically Compressing JavaScript files on Apache

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As a website owner, you must pay attention to how quickly your website loads. In order to obtain high speed page loads across your website, compressing your CSS and JavaScript can do just the trick. You may have tried the conventional Gzip compression tools after you uploaded your files to your server, but you should also consider these tools that offer you better compression rates before you actually upload your files. This provides you with the convenience of uploading your heavy CSS and JavaScript files in a refined and compressed rate.

Do you really need to compress your files?

If you want to check out if your website needs loading improvement, the Site Load Tool offers you such convenience by monitoring the response rate of your website. Just paste your URL in the online tool interface provided so you can really check out if you need to compress your website’s files. Once you’re done with that, below are some of the top tools you should check out to compress your files.

Tools for Compressing Your Files

1. JS Compressor – Source code can contain characters that are not needed. These characters, primarily new line, comments, white space and so much more, add up to the file size. This tool removes these characters, giving you that boost in loading speed.

2. Packer – A very simple compression tool, paste your code in and the tool automatically compresses your source code for optimal performance.

3. Google Closure Compiler – This compiler efficiently condenses your code as well as checks for syntax errors and others that may hinder streamlined performance.

4. YUI Compressor – This compressor by Yahoo! integrates effective source code compression to provide you the needed improvement for your JavaScript files.

5. JSMin – Notable for reducing file size in half, this tool removes characters that are not necessary, increasing the loading speed for your files.

6. Minify – This three-in-one compressor that combines a “minifying” and caching tool, is useful for compressing your JavaScript and CSS files in order to increase page load speed.

7. SquishIt – This streamlined compression tool conveniently combines and compresses your JavaScript and CSS files.

With these important tools at hand, you can surely increase your page load speed, providing you with the convenience of easy access to your website. With this in mind, you’ll have a much better opportunity to increase your visitor traffic since visitors will not have to wait as long for the great content you have for them! So, always try to improve your page speed if you want your website to go a long way in the hustle and bustle of the internet.
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