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20 Great JavaScript Navigation Demos and Examples The site's menu navigation, not only helps visitors navigate on your site easily but also it's an indispensable decoration to make the Web layout becomes more eye-catching and beautiful. This free JavaScript article presents to you the list of 20 menu navigation demos and examples that are built by some terrific and unique techniques.

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11. Sliding JavaScript Menu Highlight

This sliding hover effect script is an easy technique for highlighting menu items.

12. Fading Menu - Replacing Content

This technique allows you to fade in and fade out menu items.

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13. Simple Multi-level Drop-Down Menu

A simple JavaScript drop down menu tutorial.

14. Using jQuery for Background Image Animations

A technique for creating animated menus using jQuery and CSS background-position properties.

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15. Mootools Redux

A menu using MooTools that expands the link's font size when you mouse over the item.

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16. HoverAccordion/Sidebar Menu

This is an accordion plugin which can be used as a vertical sidebar menu too.

17. UvumiTools Dropdown Menu

Another JavaScript menu based on MooTools with lots of features.

18. jQuery UI Tabs

Easily separate content using this tab example.

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19. Proto.Menu: Right Click Menu

A customizable right-click menu written on top of the Prototype framework.

20. Accessible Expanding and Collapsing menu

This menu example allows you have two levels of navigation. When you click on main category the subcategory expands.

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