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Ensemble de processus standard de d?veloppement Java Les technologies Java ont ?t? officiellement cr??e par le Java Community Process, Connue aussi comme JCP Il offre la transparence consid?rables ainsi que d'un ensemble de privil?ges pour les membres du JCP Cependant, ils peuvent les perdre tous , en cas de n?gliger leurs responsabilit?s
Java Specification Request 348 Selon les derni?res nouvelles du JCP vont ?tre essentiellement transparent et accessible ? la plupart des utilisateurs dans le d?veloppement actuel de Java Tous les changements seront vus dans le JSR 348 .

The Java technologies were officially created by the Java Community Process, known also as JCP. It offers the considerable transparency as well as a set of privileges for the members of JCP. Still they can loose them all in case of neglecting their responsibilities.

All the recently announced procedures appear to be the part of the Java Specification Request 348. According to the latest news the JCP are going to be mostly transparent and available to most of the users within the current Java development. All the changes will be seen in the JSR 348. The next step will be the publicity of mailing and trackers. The set of Expert Group members will be newly recruited. They will look after all the applications to be fairly considered.

The results of the voting enabled the smooth operations within the JCP community. Those who are not able to carry on their duties for any reason will get penalties and will not be allowed to vote again. These members will be easily replaced.

The Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition in Java development.

It will be smoothly merged with the Micro edition according to the plans of the agenda. JCP thinks it's the best time for it. The license for Java will also experience the set of changes, so the members will be able to track it.

Many people tended to citify the JCP from time to time, still when the system becomes transparent enough, they will do it no more. The modern vendor is said to be Oracle, which replaced the former Sun Microsystems.

The target of the other dispute was the Apache Software Foundation; the main question also touched the licensing process and terms for the most of mobile devices. The new version of the Java Community Process will be offered in the middle of summer this year.

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