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Efficient and Helpful JavaScript/jQuery Tips and Tricks This free HTML JavaScript tutorial provides 45+ JavaScript/jQuery tips and tricks that help you work in JavaScript tasks better, through live HTML JavaScript example codes. List of some JavaScript tips and tricks:

- Refreshing the src of an image with jQuery?
- Check if an image is loaded or not with jQuery
- Remove selected text after mouse double click JavaScript event
- Validate an email address
- Check if an HTML control element exists
- Cancel an AJAX request
- Select all HTML checkboxes
- Selecting root element of a certain level in the document
- Searching a string in jQuery

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  • Select all elements except the ones with a given class
  • 1.$('* :not(.someclass)')
  • Add a row to a table
  • 1.$('#myTable tr:last').after('<tr>...</tr>');
  • How to convert decimal to hexadecimal?
  • 1.num = num.toString(16);
    2.reverse process:
    3.num = parseInt(num, 16);
  • Filtering By More Than One Attribute in JQuery
  • 1.var elements = $('#someid input[type=sometype][value=somevalue]').get();
  • How to expire a cookie in x minutes
  • 1.var date = new Date(); + (x * 60 * 1000));
    3.$.cookie('example', 'foo', { expires: date });
  • Selecting the first x items with jQuery
  • 1.example: first 10 anchors
  • Working with a select element
  • 1.//Get the value of a selected option
    4.//Get the text of a selected option
    5.$('#selectElementId :selected').text();
    7.//Remove an option (e.g. id=1)
    8.$("#selectElementId option[value='1']").remove();
  • How to get client ip address with jQuery
  • 1.$.getJSON("",function(data){
    2.    alert( "Your ip: " + data.ip);
  • How to parse XML with jQuery
  • file.xml:

    01.<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    03.    <item>
    04.        <id>1</id>
    05.        <title>title1</title>
    06.        <description>desc1</description>
    07.    </item>
    08.    <item>
    09.        <id>2</id>
    10.        <title>title2</title>
    11.        <description>desc2</description>
    12.    </item>
    13.    <!-- ... -->
    02.    $('item',data).each(function(){
    03.        var $this       = $(this);
    04.        var id             = $this.find('id').text();
    05.        var title         = $this.find('title').text();
    06.        var description = $this.find('description').text();
    07.        //do something ...
    08.    });
  • How to get the number in the ids
  • 1.<div id="sites">
    2.    <a id="site_1" href="">siteA</a>
    3.    <a id="site_2" href="">siteB</a>
    4.    <a id="site_3" href="">siteC</a>
    5.    ...

    you need to get 1 from site_1, 2 from site_2 ...

    1.$("#sites a").click(function(){
    2.    var $this     = $(this);
    3.    var nmb     = $this.attr('id').match(/site_(\d+)/)[1];
    4.    ...
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