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3D Canvas Substrate in JavaScript Another JavaScript code to generate an 3D web effect, this JavaScript example uses canvas element">HTML5 canvas element to draw the graphics.

Category: 3D

16 Best JavaScript Libraries for Wrapping HTML5 Canvas The Canvas APIs represents a way of creating shapes, graphs and animations on the web that using just JavaScript and which, unlike Flash, doesn't require a plug-in installed on the viewer's browser. While HTML5 may not have the same capabilities as Flash does when it comes to animations, many people put their hopes in the canvas tag. The limitations that are present are due to the fact that the canvas element was never designed to build animations with it, unlike Flash.

canvas">HTML5 canvas libraries aim to wrap the canvas element and extend it one way or another to make a better syntax and functionality. These JavaScript libraries come as a helping hand to understanding and using HTML5 canvas to its full potential. In this JavaScript article you will see the canvas wrapper">HTML5 canvas wrapper libraries that are available at the moment. Check them out thoroughly and see what each one has to offer and, ultimately, if it is useful to you.

Category: Tutorials, Showcases

HTML5 localStorage: Tutorial and Basics HTML5 is a new hot technology that adds a new feature to modern browsers which allows them to store a certain amount of website data locally on someone's computer. This hot solution comes in handy with some of the recent "web apps" that might, for example, save your drafts or states even when disconnecting from the Internet, such as Microsoft Office online apps but may allow you to work offline, GMail offline, etc.

In fact, this solution is a JavaScript API known as localStorage, and in this HTML5 tutorial, we'll be covering some of the HTML5 localStorage basics and how it works.

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- HTML5 Web Workers Multithreading in JavaScript
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- Processing Local Files in JavaScript with HTML5
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Category: Tutorials, Web 2.0

JavaScript in HTML5 vs ActionScript 3 in Flash in Drawing Match - Who Win? Perhaps I did not to talk more, everyone knew HTML5 and Flash - these two web technologies are developed and improved to attract more attentions from web developers.

Today in this canvas tutorial JavaScript post, I'm pleasure to present you a match of HTML5 and Flash in simple JavaScript drawing round: creating a warning icon by code lines. The arms of both two races: HTML5 using canvas element" title="JavaScript canvas element">canvas element with support from JavaScript, Flash with Action Script 3.

Although the author did not show which technology won, but personally according to final images, jsB@nk think it's HTML5 because the color of picture made by HTML5 is more real than Flash; however, this is just a very simple canvas" title="HTML5 canvas">HTML5 canvas test and these web technologies are still improved. Please go to the full post page for detailed results.

Category: Tutorials

HOT New JavaScript APIs with HTML5 In this JavaScript article tutorial, we're together to enjoy awesome experiments on HTML5 with new hot JavaScript APIs. With a lot of JavaScript/Web application live demos in this JavaScript HTML5 tutorial, we can learn:

- New JavaScript selectors, JavaScript CSS selectors, jQuery selectors to select HTML elements better.
- New Web storage function and new Web SQL database storage.
- New API for caching offline application data, cache JavaScript files
- How to use Web workers and Web sockets.
- Geolocation API
- Audio, Video and canvas manipulation on HTML5.

That's so cool! HTML5 is really new cool web technology, supported by many giant web/internet companies. Try it, master it now asap.

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