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16 Free Picture Slideshow Gallery scripts This JavaScript article gives you a list of 16 picture slideshow gallery scripts. All these gallery JavaScript codes are free to use, and very easy to setup, edit. From these awesome picture slideshow gallery JavaScript codes, I hope you'll create more beautiful, interactive galleries to your great visitors.

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9. easyALBUM

easyALBUM prides itself for being an image gallery that uses "super clean markup". It works well with CSS disabled and is compliant with current XHTML web-standards. It also allows the user to navigate through the gallery using keyboard shortcuts.


10. slideViewer

slideViewer is a plugin for jQuery and uses ordered lists for mark-up which is good for accessibility and with JavaScript turned off.


11. Image Transition Manager

Image Transition Manager provides you 8 transition effects. It was tested by the developer in Firefox 2, Opera, and IE 6 and 7. As an additional measure, I tried it in Safari 3 (and it works). It was developed using the effects library which in turn requires the Prototype JS framework.

Image Transition Manager: image transitions with scriptaculous

Image Transition Manager demo

12. ThickBox

ThickBox is a script built on top of jQuery. It's designed to display images as well as other types of document objects. It has the capability of loading content via Ajax requests.

ThickBox 3.1

13. ProtoFlow

ProtoFlow mimics the cover flow effect that you would find in iTunes, the iPhone, and other Apple products. In addition to the ProtoFlow JS and CSS file, it also uses three additional external JavaScript files - Prototype and and Reflection.js - so make sure you're willing to pay the price in page weight, additional HTTP requests, and potential decrease in page load times due to the above reasons.


ProtoFlow demo

14. Slideshow: A Javascript class for Mootools

Slideshow gives you tons of options and effects for your slideshow gallery. There's a pan/zoom feature that makes for a very impressive transition between images, all entirely done using JavaScript. It doesn't come pretty "out of the box", but with some simple CSS magic, it can looks awesome!

Slideshow: A Javascript class for Mootools

15. Javascript Image Gallery Using Mootools

This is a very simple image gallery, great for when you need something up right now. It doesn't require you to know very much JavaScript to get it to work.

Image Gallery Using Mootools

16. minishowcase

minishowcase gives you the ability to set the language used in your galleries, and it can be configured to detect the user's language preferences. This image gallery uses PHP for the language selection and automatic thumbnail generation.


minishowcase demo

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