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Why Engineers Specializing in DevOps Are the Wave of the Future In technology, the term devops is a combination of development and operations, and those who have learned to specialize in both have created an entirely new and lucrative job market. As you know, hardware requires software to work, as do computer programs and mobile apps. The software development industry has taken the world by storm, and those who can take a project from concept to fruition and then maintain its operation are in high demand.

Coders/Functional Experts

To become a devops engineer, you must be able to handle multiple information technology functions. Those in the technology industry agree there tends to be a blurred line between development and operations, which is why devops experts are increasingly popular. These people can code yet also handle the operations side of the technology, which makes them a well-rounded benefit to any company looking for streamlined software development and hardware functionality. They are coders who think operations. Voila! No more blurry lines.

Excellent engineers who specialize in devops possess a wide variety of skills that enable them to think and work outside of the box, which can be somewhat strange in this technology sector. They go beyond computer science in their jobs. They can work with a wide variety of automation and operations tools, write scripts, test and release software, liaise development and design processes, and collaborate well with all team members and internal and external clients. They are quite hands-on, so the ability to work well under pressure and keep everyone happy is crucial.

Road to Development and Operations

This job is dynamic and pays well, which may be the only reason anyone would need to consider it. Nonetheless, not just anyone is good at devops. You must secure the education and experience you need to handle all facets of this complex career. Take into account automation in your higher education and work experience, as this is a huge part of any devops strategy. The goal is to automate the operations of a developing process so you can focus on things that are more important. Study automation in college and then gain some work experience in it upon graduation.

There are numerous devops tools you can also master prior to searching for your perfect job. Popular industry tools include AWS, Ansible, Chef, Docker, GitHub, JIRA, New Relic, Puppet, Shippable, and Slack among others. Learn them; master them, in fact. Also, become quick at identifying potential operations issues during the development phase, as this is a primary responsibility of any devops expert. You want to prevent issues rather than run into them and have to solve them later. Know your scripting software, too. Learn everything from Bash to Java to Ruby.

With hires fetching six-figure salaries in many cities throughout the country, focusing your engineering skills toward devops can lead to a lucrative career. You won’t just sit in a room all day writing code. You’ll meet with people and brainstorm software development. You’ll come up with the plan to write the code, develop the software, and operate it. You’ll be hands-on during the coding process. You’ll be hands-on in the subsequent operations. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Yeah, and the job is also in high demand!

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