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What\'s domain name and How to get for free A domain name is an exceptionally important part of your "Internet Integration" process, deciding on the right - or rather - 'perfect' name can mean the difference between a successful online empire or just another website that bites the dust.

It's important to think of popular phrases which relate to your theme or business in order to ensure it will pop up in search queries and bring you closer to your target demographic. Picking a name is just the half of it, phrasing it is a whole other business, if the domain name you've chosen is composed of more than one word,then you must decide whether or not you wish to combine all the words or add a hyphen to separate the words; it's all in the presentation buddy!

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Welcome to the realm of the internet! As a new arrival, you find yourself blasted with one too many terms most of which you are less than familiar with, so let me help you understand and figure your way around this global web of communication.

What is a domain name?

For starters, what is a domain? An Internet domain is a term which is associated to the unique name of a person or an organization on the internet. Namely this explanation is obviously incomplete, what is the domain lies in many variables and includes various types. The domain consists of IP addresses such as "" and so forth.

Being interested in having your very own page or creating a unique page for your new online business venture, you will come to be bombarded by the term "domain name". What is a domain name you ask? Well for one thing, you must know that domain names are infinite and subject to numerous options and variations and can be registered at a wide variety of websites. Despite this numerousness, domain names are limited by domain extensions, which are numerable and include the famed .com, .org, .gov, .edu, and .net. New Internet users still wonder what is domain and other similar questions, this is due to the common misconception regarding "cyber-squatting", where mass marketers and spammers hijack the address of a popular domain in order to re-direct those who search the popular phrase or website and end up in a completely different and unrelated website.

This type of malpractice has affected many new Internet users who often search for popular phrases or check out well known domain names, only to end up to another website elsewhere which is completely unrelated to their original search. Domain names, however, hold many benefits to their owners due to the fact they can be resold as the most popular domain names are often purchased by wealthy individuals or corporations with similar names who covet the special and unique domain name and buy it out for large sums of money. This is a process which guarantees high traffic rates to new businesses due to the pre-existing popularity of the domain name while requiring minimal marketing efforts on behalf of the new owners of the domain name. Thus market influences and trends affect what is domain name, how new businesses will fare in comparison to competitors and much more.

How to get your domain name FREE?

It's extremely important to go to the right company or web hosting services provider who will give you what you need. The most important thing you need right now as a new internet user and a prospective online business owner is a domain name. Aside from being able to purchase it directly for a hefty fee from the domain registry or hiring some inadequate corporation to do it for you while charging you a hefty sum and giving you little else in return, you can always do some extra research and hire the right companies.

Companies such as WebHostingHub, InMotion,, JustHost and other reputable web hosting corporations provide real hosting promo codes to their clients that can get you free domain name. In lamer terms, when you sign up for the services of these corporations, in addition to receiving numerous bonus features an extra benefits, you get to obtain your very own absolutely free-of-charge domain name. The benefit of a free domain, or in some companies, more than one free domain, is exceptionally important as it provides the user with the necessary tools to acquire this domain in addition to aiding in marketing its existence within major search engines such as Google or Yahoo! Companies such as in InMotion realize the importance of a domain name for your prospective business venture's success, and it goes out of its way to provide their customers with package deals which have them acquiring more than one domain name; getting domain names for free!

You might be thinking this is some sort of scam or fraudulent attempt to lure you in with a nominal fee then have your credit card at the mercy of unknown figures, but rest assured, this is far from it! For a nominal fee which normally never exceeds $4 or $6, you can reap the numerous benefits which web hosting corporations such as Hostgator or JustHost can provide you, including various web hosting tools, unique and creative solutions, unlimited customer support, free advertising credits on major search engines and top rated social networking websites and so much more. With companies like Hostgator, you can register a domain name for free and enjoy the various benefits that come along with it.

With the services of these companies, you don't get just a free domain name and get bombarded by advertising for other online products like you do with most other similar companies. You get access to some of the most cutting edge tools in technology which is capable of transforming your newly acquired domain name into an online marvel and an absolute wonder which will set you apart from the competition. Companies such as JustHost, WebHostingHub, InMotion, HostGator and the likes are ranked among the top 10 in their business for their ability to go beyond and provide for their customers that which other corporations only claim to do. Dedicated and professional customer support, available on a 24/7 basis, advanced technology, cutting edge editing tools, user-friendly interface, nominal monthly charges, constant network monitoring, advanced and innovative solutions, free-of-charge updates and of course, register domain name free of any and all charges!
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