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Useful Javascript Tab Bar Navigation Codes There are many different ways to setup the your website with the tabs on it, and there are a lot of different codes completely use CSS with the support of JavaScript frameworks, such as jQuery, MooTools. This free JavaScript article will show you some representatives are considered the best.

MooTools plugin

4) MooTabs

MooTabs is a tiny class for MooTools and you can load tab content via Ajax request. It will only works on MooTools 1.1.

5) Pluggable MooTools Tabs

6) Sliding Tabs

Sliding Tabs is a cool MooTools 1.11 plugin that mimic Panic software?s Coda site. For MooTools 1.2, you have t go for other plugin such as Perspective Tabs.

7) Perspective Tabs

Perspective tabs is a simple MooTools plug-in that allows for a lagre number of tabs to fit into a small space.

8) MorphTabs

MorphTabs is a clone for MooTabs by Shaun Freeman. But, MorphTabs will only works for MooTools 1.2 and above.

9) Accessible Ajax Tabs with MooTools

JavaScript by day

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