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The Ultimate JavaScript Tutorial in Web Design In this free ultimate JavaScript tutorial, you'll find the full resources in web development, web design and web programming/coding. From the list of useful resources in this JavaScript tutorial, you may create a complete website with the popular JavaScript frameworks such jQuery, MooTools, YUI. I can name some resources: Login Button/Form, Search Box, Page Header, Page Adverts and Banners, Page Elements, Sidebars, Floating Elements, Call-To-Action Buttons, Sharing Elements, Page Footer, Fixed-Position Website Toolbars.

If this list of ultimate JavaScript resources still do not satisfy you, let check more our useful resources:

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Page Footer 




How to create a Pinned Footer for your site




How to create a dynamic animated footer ad for your site




Cross-browser Sticky Footer with Fluid Height



How to create a Sticky-Footer


How to automatically use jQuery to size your footer Height




Fixed-Position Website Toolbars




How To Create a Website Toolbar And Add Widgets to it



Facebook Style Footer-Toolbar from Soh Tanaka



JixedBar - A Fixed-Position Toolbar plugin for jQuery


Floating Footer Toolbar


CSS3 Fixed-Position Toolbar for your site with Social Networking Icons




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