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Ultimate JavaScript Tools, Frameworks for All JavaScript Developers In many previous JavaScript articles, had presented a lot of JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript tools and JavaScript applications to help the web developers faster in building the web projects. Now in this article, we're happy to show more other JavaScript toolkits, hope they may help you, too.

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Need a piece of code quickly? MicroJS is a brand new site which aim to provide JavaScript code snippet for most common tasks: Ajax, Json, DOM, Object-Oriented JavaScript, and more. A true gold mine to have in your bookmarks!


Diva is a Javascript frontend for viewing documents, designed to work with digital libraries to present multi-page documents as a single, continuous item. It is designed to work with a IIPImage server and will be an awesome tool for those working on library or bookstore websites. A demo is available here if you want to have a look.

Bookmarklet Generator

As you can guess, this tool is a bookmarklet generator: Simply paste your regular JavaScript code, press the button and you'll get a bookmarklet – ready to be installed on your browser bar.


Like any other jQuery developers, I spend a large amount of time digging in the documentation. jQAPI is a website which provides the jQuery documentation in a more user-friendly way, so it is now my reference site when I need any jQuery help.


Day after day, JavaScript continues to surprise me with its endless possibilities: For example, heatmap.js allows you to generate web heatmaps with the HTML5 canvas element based on your data. Easy and efficient!


Remember my article about adaptable layouts with CSS3 media queries? Respond.js is a small script that allow you to use CSS3 media queries on browsers that do not support it yet (Yes IE, we're looking at you…).


Modernizr is a script that helps older browsers to work almost as good as newest ones, so you can build modern applications that will work on IE6 and 7. Your clients will love it, that's guaranteed.


YepNope aim is pretty simple: It answers yep, or nope. For example, ask YepNope is Modernizr is loaded. If yes, ask YepNope to do this, and if not, ask YepNope to do that. That's simple as that, and very useful in many cases.


Ligature.js is, unsurprisingly, a script that adds pretty ligatures to any kind of text. A must-have for all typography lovers out here!


FitText is a very interesting JavaScript tool, that allows the automatic resizing of a text regarding the size of its parent element. Just have a look to the website and resize your browser: The text will fit. Another very interesting tool for modern websites and applications!
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