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Ultimate of Awesome Tools for JavaScript Developers This JavaScript article tutorial is going to show you a list of many useful JavaScript tools, web tools, blogging tools and JavaScript libraries to help us in developing web-based JavaScript applications. These web tools in this JavaScript article tutorial include sour code compression tools, JavaScript editors and IDEs, source code debugging tools and other useful tools, helpful JavaScript libraries, utilities and applications.

You can view full detailed list of these tools at main section, or you can try other helpful web tools in the below list:
- Ultimate List of Web Development Resources with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Books
- 20+ Helpful Web Tools for Better Code Development
- Ultimate of Awesome JavaScript Libraries for Web-based Applications

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Other Useful Tools

Pretty pink

PrettyPink is an in-browser JavaScript variable dumper that enables you to print out an pbject of any type in table format for viewing during debuggin sessions. It requires no stylesheets or images, handles infinite nested objects, protects against circular / repeated references and fully validates with JSLint.

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Firediff is a Firebug extension to track changes to a DOM and CSS ie implements a change monitor which provides insight into the functionality of the application as well as provide a record of the changes and tweak the page’s display.

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JS charts is a JavaScript Chart generator that allows you to create charts in different templates like bar charts, pie charts or simple line graphs.

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Page Speed

PageSpeed is an open source Firefox / Firebug Add one which is used to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get sugestions to improve them. Also makes your site faster, reduces the bandwidth usage and hosting costs.

Official Link

Razor Web Profiler

Rockstar Web Profiler or Razor has three components namely RockStar Profiler Server for analyzing network and server side performance, RockStar Profiler Probe for analyzing client side performance and RockStar Profiler Console, an analytical console for analyzing collected performance data.

Official Link


A mobile (safari) JavaScript framework weighs less than 8kb when minified, falls back on Sizzle selector library for iPhone, encourages CSS transitions and animations, is object oriented and easy to extend.

Official Link


php.js is an open source project to bring high level PHP functions to low level JavaScript platforms such as web browsers, browser extensions, AIR and SSJS engines like V8, Rhino and SpiderMonkey.

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JSSpec is JavaScript BehaviorDrivenDevelopment Framework which shows the difference between expected and actual values, shows exactly the failed line, supports conditional executions aupports for IE 6 or IE 7, FireFox 2 and Safari 3.

Official Link


MochaUI is a web application user interface library built on Mootools JavaScript framework used in web application, web desktops, websites, widgets and standalone Windows and Modal dialogs.

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Highlight.js highlights syntax in code examples on blogs, forums and in fact on any web pages. Automatically finds blocks of code, detects a language and highlights it.

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