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Ultimate of Awesome Tools for JavaScript Developers This JavaScript article tutorial is going to show you a list of many useful JavaScript tools, web tools, blogging tools and JavaScript libraries to help us in developing web-based JavaScript applications. These web tools in this JavaScript article tutorial include sour code compression tools, JavaScript editors and IDEs, source code debugging tools and other useful tools, helpful JavaScript libraries, utilities and applications.

You can view full detailed list of these tools at main section, or you can try other helpful web tools in the below list:
- Ultimate List of Web Development Resources with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Books
- 20+ Helpful Web Tools for Better Code Development
- Ultimate of Awesome JavaScript Libraries for Web-based Applications

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Testing Tools


Sugartest makes it easy to write Javascript tests, Works as a DSL running on top of JsUnitTest which has a setup and teardown routines, nested contents, no dependencies with an simple and expressive syntax and works as a DSL running on top of JsUnitTest.

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jSLint takes a javascript source and scans or spots the problems, if there is a problem then returns a message describing the problem and the location which need not be a syntax error, and also looks at the style conventions and structural programs.

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Authored by John Resig and Jan Odvarko, FireUnit provides a simple JavaScript API for doing simple test logging and viewing within a new tab of Firebug.

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JsUnit is an unit testing framework for client side JavaScript which is a port of JUnit and also includes a platform for automating the execution of tests on multiple browsers and mutiple machines running different OS.

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YUI Test

YUI Test is a testing framwwork for browser-based JavaScript solutions where you can easily add unit testing to JavaScript solutions. Features an advanced failure detection for methods that throw errors, asynchronous tests for testing events and Ajax communication and lot more.

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JSpec is an extremely small and powerful testing framework which utilizes its own grammer and pre-processor and includes many shorthand literals, readeable syntax, Async and Rhino support, nested describes, shared behaviors, fixture support, mock Ajax and lot more features.

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JSLitmus is a lightweight tool to create ad-hoc JavaScript benchmarks which works on leading browsers, has an open source MIT-style licence, adaptive test cycles and also can be embedded in existing web pages or apps.

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Obtrusive JavaScript Checker

Obtrusive JavaScript Checker is a used to traverse a;; elements in a web page and when it finds a HTML element with inlline events it highlights that with a red border and highlights javascript: links with a magenta border.

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