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Top 10 Best JavaScript eBooks that Beginners should Learn As the title of this post said, you should choose one of these JavaScript ebooks, or some ebooks to start learning if you are JavaScript (or Progamming) beginners. So if you are an expert? Then I hope we'll meet again in the next post soon, Best JavaScript/AJAX eBooks that Experts should practice.

List of these JavaScript ebooks sorted by difficulty, easy to hard, so you should learn JavaScript from this order, to master the concepts of JavaScript language and its techniques for manipulating effectively. You can download these ebooks at here.

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6. JavaScript Goodies

JavaScript Goodies by Joe Burns & Andree Growney
by Joe Burns & Andree Growney
This JavaScript ebook written from the live demos, step-by-step tutorials and quick examples in, to help you to start JavaScript with basics, such as: syntax, variables, events, functions, common errors ...

7. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition
by David Flanagan
This ebook is divided into three part. You will know about the theory and syntax of JavaScript in the first part, this part includes 22 chapters and covers everything about the JavaScript programming language from statements, functions, objects to arrays, windows and frames. The part two of this book is the Core JavaScript reference. The third part gives you the overview about Server-side JavaScripts, along with W3C DOM properties and functions that will be of interest to both client and server-side coders.

8. JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook, 2nd edition

JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook, 2nd edition
by Danny Goodman
In the world of Web 2.0, JavaScript (along with AJAX) and DHTML are the indispensable factors to build an interactive website quickly. And by the support of this JavaScript ebook, you have many solutions to solve the problems on the client side scripting that web developers commonly face. This ebook contains 15 chapters and 3 appendices, includes more than 150 examples for subjects.

9. Beginning JavaScript and CSS Development with jQuery

Beginning JavaScript and CSS Development with jQuery
by Richard York
jQuery - the best solution (this is my personal only) to reduce the amount of JavaScript code you need to write. In this book, the author shows you how to quickly get started utilizing the JavaScript jQuery framework, through code syntax highlighting system. And from its content, you will learn many basic, interesting concepts about jQuery such as: installation, testing code, handle the array, show, hide, slide, and fade elements with smooth animations and transitions, ...

10. JavaScript Programmer's Reference

JavaScript Programmer's Reference
by Alexei White
This is last one I want to recommend you, that's the completed book for the full reference about JavaScript programming language. This is the combination of tutorial book and a reference guide, so you can learn everything about utilizing the JavaScript programming language such as the core features of JavaScript, including types, objects, operators, syntax, and regular expressions, work with function and object, ... Besides, you're able to master methods to use JavaScript with different platforms like Microsoft's Silverlight, Ajax, Flex, Flash and AIR.


You can buy these JavaScript ebooks from or the website of publishers for the copies of paper easily and quickly, because they're very popular books about the JavaScript programming language. Otherwise, you may query for the copies of ebook, or go to my site for the full list of download links at here.

Hope you like this post and are going to be good at JavaScript soon, leave me any comment/thought if you want.

Author: Phong Thai Cao
is the Web developer for 5+ years with PHP, JavaScript, CSS. He is the creator & the administrator of provide you thousands of free JavaScript codes, DHTML, JavaScript tutorials, training videos, examples, reference and help
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