Recommended Books
(Appendix 3)

Here you can browse though books and find ones that will be helpful to you while learning and using JavaScript.  I have listed several that I think are excellent choices for you to consider.

My selection and review of these books was done with the same sincerity that I used thoughtout this tutorial.  Thanks for any purchase you make using the links below since I do get a commission.

You may want to compare the new and used prices.  Links are provided for both on most of the books.


4th Edition, April 2001 (new)
4th Edition, April 2001 (used)
3nd Edition, March 1998 (used)
JavaScript Bible, 4th Edition is a must have book if you are serious about learning and using JavaScript on your pages. This is the book that I constantly use. It has gotten me out of trouble on numerous occasions.

A few of you may prefer the
Gold Edition of JavaScript Bible. It is intended for someone that has extensive JavaScript knowledge

JavaScript Examples Bible is the essential companion to the JavaScript Bible, 4th Edition and JavaScript Bible Gold. It contains the examples from Parts III and IV of the JavaScript Bible in a handy printed format (these examples are only on the CD-ROMs in the 4th and Gold Editions) This book, JavaScript Examples Bible, does contain a CD that has a complete searchable version of the JavaScript Bible, Gold edition provided in pdf format.
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Additional Information on JavaScript Bible - JavaScript Bible is the essential book for anyone that uses JavaScript on their Web Site.  It provides all the information needed to understand the JavaScript Language and most importantly provides information on what works in the different versions of the Netscape and Internet Explorer Browsers.  Unfortunately, the 4th Edition of JavaScript Bible grew so large that it now is contained in two books, JavaScript Bible and JavaScript Examples Bible.  I find that the third edition of JavaScript Bible is much handier to use and it was the book I used extensively in writing this tutorial.  You may want to check out the used price of JavaScript Bible, 3nd Edition (March 1998) at  You will save some money and have everything in one volume.  You can purchase the newer edition later if you want to take advantage of some of the newer browser features.

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Beginning JavaScript is recognized as one of the best beginning JavaScript books available. Check out the reviews at amazon for more.
JavaScript: Your visual blueprint for building dynamic Web pages allows you to read less and learn more. It takes a visual approach by providing step-by-step screen shots that demonstrate over 100 JavaScript tasks. Quickly learn about functions, mouse rollovers, strings, dates, forms, and much more.
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Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours is a good book to supplement this class if you feel you need one. It is intended for someone with about the same experience that I designed this course for and is inexpensive.
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 4th edition is considered to be the best JavaScript book by many. Compared to the JavaScript Bible, it is more of a book for programmer and it's descriptions of the objects, properties and etc. are more concise.
4th Edition (new)
3nd Edition (used)
HTML for the World Wide Web is an excellent book to add to your collection. It is a no nonsense reference source that I use all of the time. The price is unbelievably low. It is one of the most popular books at Amazon.
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You might find something you want on the list of used JavaScript books available at

Also, check out Poor Leo's 2002 Computer Almanac.  It is a very popular and useful book with a Sales Rank of 37 on 17 January 2002 and with all reviews being 5 stars.  It is by Leo Laporte who you can see on TECHTV, The Screen Savers.

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