Frequently Asked Questions
(Appendix 1)

Who is this tutorial intended for?

Please take a look at Lesson 1 where I hope I have provided an adequate answer to this question.

Is this tutorial really free?

Yes it is and I hope you find it worthwhile.

I do like to get post cards if you would like to send one to say Thanks for the work I have done here. One that has a picture of something from your area of the world would really be nice and appreciated. You can also email me if you like. My contact information is provided here. Thanks in advance.

Which browsers was this tutorial written for?

This tutorial was written for the Internet Explorer 4 and the Netscape 4 browsers. The newer browsers that are now available should also work fine with this tutorial.

Note, that some advanced coding is available in the newer browsers. Learning the basis of JavaScript here will give you the background to understand any new JavaScript that is available.

Will the JavaScript I write work the same in all browsers?

JavaScript works a little different in a Netscape and Internet Explorer Browser. Different versions of the browsers also have different versions of JavaScript. In most cases, your JavaScript will work the same in all browsers. However, it is very important that you test any JavaScript you write in as many Browsers as you can. In some cases you will need to modify your JavaScript coding to make it work in all of the various browsers.

Can you recommend some other good sources for learning JavaScript?

Visit our Library. Take a look at Appendix 2 which contains some recommended links to various JavaScript sites. Also, take a look at Appendix 3 which contains some recommended JavaScript books. All of these books are available for a very reasonable price at Amazon. I do get a commission if you follow my links when you purchase the books. And, I thank you very much if you do.

What editor should I use for this class?

As I discuss in Lesson 1, I recommend a text editor. I use EditPad Classic and HomeSite software to develop all my web pages. Either of these editors will work nicely with this Tutorial.

Visit the authors web site to learn more about the three versions of EditPad, EditPad Classic, EditPad Lite and EditPad Pro. The Classic version is still available there but is no longer supported. You can download the Lite version for free or purchase the the Pro version.

Homesite is a sophisticated text editor and has lots of cool features built into it. You can purchase a copy of it at or

What should I do if I have a problem when working though this tutorial?

Email me if you have a problem or question about anything that you see in this class. I do ask that you look over the applicable materials here to make sure your question is not already answered. Please include adequate information in your email so that I can understand the problem you are having.

If you are having a problem getting a script to work, I strongly recommend that you post a copy to your site and send me the URL. Be sure that your email describes your problem in enough detail that I can understand it. Also, please include your browser information (manufacturer and version) and information on the operating system you are using. I have found that this procedure will save us both a lot of emails.

Is there a version of this tutorial available for download to my hard disk or web site.

I have had several people contact me and ask for a version of this tutorial that they can download for various reasons.

Email me if you have a good reason to download a copy of this tutorial. Make sure you give me details as to why you want a separate copy. Also, include your name, snail mail address, telephone number, and location that this tutorial will be installed, including URL if it is going to be on a web site. Please do not ask for a separate copy if the one I have here is readily available to you.

How do I contact you?

My email address is:


My snail mail address is:

Ray Stott
P. O. Box 228
California, MD
United States

I do get a lot of emails. If you send me an email with a question I will try to respond in a short time. If your question is really important to you, then send me a second reminder email if I haven't responded in a reasonable amount of time. Also, be aware that I get a lot of junk emails by having my address displayed on my site. So your subject should be written in such a manner that I will not mistake your email for junk mail and delete it.

Please email me if you have any suggestions to improve this tutorial or find any errors.

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