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Some Opera Extensions and UserScript JavaScriptBank using, they are good to YOU, too A long time ago, JavaScriptBank.com ever presented many helpful UserScript (JavaScript applications), JavaScript plugins and extensions for my most favorite Opera browser at 5 Awesome JavaScript Plug-ins for Better YouTube Experiments on Opera & Essential JavaScript Applications (UserJS) for Opera Browser. Let try these Opera extensions, UserScript and plugins to have the best web experiments if you're new to this browser.

Today, JavaScriptBank.com is glad to show more Opera extensions and JavaScript applications, and there's one especial thing in this JavaScript article - only shows the Opera UserScript, Opera plugins and Opera extensions that being used by JavaScriptBank.com. And some Opera extensions are going to be improved, then JavaScriptBank.com shall present to you in the next posts soon.

Some Opera add-ons, JavaScript applications and Opera JavaScript plugins are modified/tweaked by JavaScriptBank.com, so please go to the VIP area for the download links.


JavaScriptBank.com uninstalled NoAds because it's really not good these days, there's not much features to control it. So it's replaced by AdBlock.


Group the next opened Opera tabs from the active tab. This Opera add-ons helps Opera's users easily manage the browing tabs better. JavaScriptBank.com is going to modify this Opera extension to make groups within one domain only.

Better Google Adsense Monitor

Modified by JavaScriptBank.com, based on this one, preview your Google Adsense statistics in 3 seconds. See how much you earned yesterday, how far you can make today, the amounts of last month and unpaid earnings in 1 Opera Speed Dial.

Domaintools.com whois

Help to find out information about the domain you're browsing on Opera. I present a small JavaScript to use DomainTools if you're browsing with Firefox or Chrome, please try it at Firefox (and others) DomainTools.com Customize Add-on using JavaScript.

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Tab Accordion

Automatically contract / expand your Opera tabs groups. JavaScriptBank.com is modifying to add a timer for these automatic actions.

UserScript Auto Hide Status Bar

JavaScriptBank.com also made some mods to this Opera UserScript to display better.

GMail Notifier

Simple Yahoo Chat

Unit Converter

WebRank SEO

UserScript Flash Blocker


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