Protecting Cloud Business Apps Importance In order to keep the attackers away from the corporate networks we normally install firewalls. They are really useful in most cases but not much is known about them. Firewalls are nowadays very popular since they completely control access that comes from the outside and from the inside. Initially, this was used in order to prevent people from accessing some websites but now everything evolved to the point at which various advanced features are included, like stopping the Phone Home option that is sometimes used by viruses and malware.

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The modern world now relies on cloud-based productivity apps. You can even see traditional systems transformed with the use of the internet and cloud computing, like what NetBet Casino is doing right now. Cloud based applications have various advantages that are always taken into account by businesses. In fact, most businesses these days are relying on the cloud to operate at full capacity. Service access disruption is something nobody wants in the business world. It can have huge effects on productivity, one of the main performance indicators for companies.

There are always brand new challenges that computer network specialists have to deal with. In 2016 we saw BlackNurse, which was a DDOS attacks type that targeted ping flood attack vulnerability. The disturbing aspect is that this is an attack type that is really easy to conduct. Just one laptop is necessary and the result can be quite disruptive.

Resource consumption is normally the goal of DDOS attacks. Slow and low attacks tie up resources and devices will no longer be able to handle the legitimate requests. This is a great way to basically disrupt cloud technology since there is no high traffic volume that appears. Alarms and many red lights appear only when people figure out what the problem is. Till then, many bad things can happen. A Black Nurse attack only generates up to 18 Mbps of traffic. Modern firewalls do not actually activate themselves because of the low DDOS.

A common answer to the slow attacks is offered by moving apps to cloud establishments. Cloud firewall technology is not constrained by old concepts like limited resources. The use of cloud computing means that scaling is automatic and effortless, at least in theory. The problem is that we still have employees that will be present behind a corporate firewall, with app access. That access can be disrupted if the corporate firewall is going to be targeted.

Every single business out there has to recognize the perilous state that is caused by an attack that will disrupt the inbound and outbound traffic. With attacks like Black Nurse the mitigation is very simple but so many other attacks are possible. We are faced with a huge problem as cloud technology keeps being more and more attacked every single month. Hackers move towards cloud apps because businesses move towards the use of cloud technology.

Business owners have to analyze the reliance to cloud apps and see if the security employed is as high as it should be.

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