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OOP JavaScript: Public and Private Methods Through this simple JavaScript tutorial, you would learn about Public and Private methods in the JavaScript OOP.

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At Ning, here's how we do public and private methods in JavaScript:

* A scrollable list that can display large numbers of contacts.
* @param contacts contact objects
xp.ContactSelector = function(args) {

/** Container for public functions. */
var self = {};

/** Container for private functions. */
var _ = {};

* Initializes the object.
_.initialize = function() {
if (!args.contacts) {

* Adds a searchbox to the ContactSelector.
_.installSearchbox = function() {
// This is a private method

* Returns the contacts that the user has selected
* @return the selected contact objects
self.getSelectedContacts = function() {
// This is a public method

. . . . . . . . . .

return self;

Private methods begin with _., while public methods begin with self.. There are some interesting things about this setup:
  • Public methods are accessible on the object created by this function. Private methods are not accessible.
  • Public and private methods can be defined in any order, regardless of which calls which. This is because they are properties of self and _. If they were defined as standalone functions, then order would matter.
  • You can inherit from another object by adding the following to initialize(): self = xp.AbstractContactSelector(args);
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