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More 30 Excellent JavaScript/AJAX based Photo Galleries to Boost your Sites More than 2 years ago, JavaScriptBank.com had presented to you a list of 65 Free JavaScript Photo Gallery Solutions that we see it's too old to update.

Therefore, today, we have compiled a new list where we are showcasing more 30 excellent AJAX, JavaScript and Lightbox based image galleries for you to boost your photo websites, web-based picture galleries or just personal photo portal.

In this list, you'll see many powerful and amazing JavaScript photo galleries, AJAX picture showcases such as: Blinds, S3 Slider, TN3 Gallery, Super Sized, Anything Slider, Smooth Div Scroll, RoyalSlider, AD Gallery, Nivo Slider, DevKick Galleria, AviaSlider, Polaroid Photo Viewer, Sequence and Diapo.

Nivo Slider

This jQuery plugin gives you 16 unique transition effects and clean and valid markup.

DevKick Galleria

This is a JavaScript based image gallery framework that simplifies the process of creating image galleries not only for web but also for mobile devices.

jQuery Banner Rotator / Slideshow

This plugin offers multiple transitions and made for providing easy navigation of your banners or ads.

AviaSlider - jQuery Slideshow

With this jQuery slideshow, you can create some appealing sliders that can fit into every project.

Triple Panel Image Slider

This plugin allows you to create a triple panel jQuery image slider with a 3D look.

Sliding Boxes and Captions

With this, you can have a div that works as a window where two other items can peek through.

Polaroid Photo Viewer

With this image gallery, you can add some excellent polaroid effects to your images.


Phong Thai Phong Thai is a Web Developer, Web Coder for 15 years with PHP, JavaScript, CSS. He is the creator of JavaScriptBank.com - provide thousands of free JavaScript code examples, web development tips and tricks, helpful blogging guides.

Follow him on twitter@js_bank or connect with him on facebook@jsbank if you want. His websites for your knowledge: javascriptON.com, inOneSec.com, www.gomymobi.com

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