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Plus de 30 excellentes galeries de photo Il ya plus de 2 ans , JavaScriptBank.com avait présenté pour vous une liste de 65 Free JavaScript Galerie de photos Solutions ce que nous voyons , c'est trop vieux pour mettre à jour.

Par conséquent, aujourd'hui , nous avons dressé une nouvelle liste où nous présentons plus de 30 excellents AJAX , JavaScript et Visionneuse galeries à base d'image pour vous permettre de booster vos sites de photos, des galeries de photos sur le Web ou d'un portail de photo juste personnels.

Dans cette liste , vous verrez de nombreuses puissant et étonnant JavaScript photo galeries, AJAX image vitrines tels que: Stores, S3 curseur TN3 Gallery, Super Sized , Slider Anything , Scroll Div lisse , RoyalSlider , AD Gallery, Nivo Slider DevKick Galleria, AviaSlider , Polaroid Photo Viewer , la séquence et Diapo .

Using a JavaScript or Ajax based image gallery is the best solution as they do not require any extended plugins and provide excellent results. There are hundreds of solutions available for web based image galleries, but here we have selected 30 that you can use for effective presentation of your images. You can use them right away as they do not require any technical know-how.

Here we go:


With this jQuery plugin, you can create smooth animated transitions and create multiple instances on the same web page.

S3 Slider

This is also a jQuery plugin that can be used for commercial as well as personal projects.

TN3 Gallery

This is an HTML based customizable image gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options.

Advanced jQuery Background Image Slideshow

This image slideshow comes with changing text and playback controls. It is one of the beautiful advanced background image slideshows.

Super Sized

You can resize images to fill the browser; can maintain the image dimension ration and it also comes with navigation controls with keyboard support.

Anything Slider

With this slider, you can put together all the functionality of previous sliders and can also add new features to it.


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